Reserve space for your inventory for when you need it most.

There's nothing more challenging than not having the space for your inventory, especially with surging customer demands in a supply-chain-focused market. To meet the needs of your customers without breaking the bank, there's a solution unique for your business.


Meet all your inventory space needs, no matter how specific. Shyft Global Services will store your pre-owned inventory so you can free up space, allowing you unparalleled peace of mind knowing that your stock is cared for properly and available whenever you need it. With our strategically located centers, we can warehouse and fulfill your orders — any size, any time. 

  • No overhead costs: Keep your costs low when you store and ship with Shyft, with nominal fees based on the size and value of a product.
  • Capitalize on promotions: Take advantage of buy-ins and discontinued products while reserving inventory when needed.
  • Single point shipments: Access to world-class ISO-certified logistic and configuration facilities with the expertise to manage large-scale deployments.

Are you ready to take your inventory support to the next level? Look no further than partnering with Shyft for all your storage needs with SureStock. 

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Client Benefits

Place your logistic and integration services needs in a name you know and trust, Shyft:

  • Geographic reach: Receiving product in a timely manner is important to your client, so it is important to us. With our logistic facilities located coast to coast, your clients get their products faster.
  • Fully packaged solution: You can expect ready-to-use products will be delivered directly to your clients when you store and ship through Shyft.
  • Seamless logistics: Your clients will never have to worry about where their products are coming from, as the ordering process is seamlessly done through you and Shyft.