Comprehensive, End-to-End Technology Services

Simplify Your Product and Customer Lifecycle Management

You excel at creating great products and staying on top of the latest technology advances. But dedicating precious capital and resources to manage every hardware and customer touch point can slow down your innovative goals. Shyft Global Services offers end-to-end technology services on both sides of the equation to supplement and support your operations and accelerate your business transformation — without a major capital investment.

1. Design and Build

From end-point devices to complex rack-mounted systems built specifically to customer needs, Shyft's team of experienced engineers helps you deliver the custom-tailored solutions your customers need without having to invest in additional headcount or infrastructure.

2. Procure and Stock

Shyft’s purpose-built global supply chain management services enable you to more easily drive efficiencies, lower costs, increase your customers’ visibility into order processing and deliver a seamless experience — all while meeting customers’ unique SLAs.

3. Sell and Grow

Grow your revenue by taking your product(s) to market with expert services for channel management and customer success. Shyft can manage your channel, enable your reseller and dealer communities and grow your end-user customer base, discovering untapped potential for revenue growth.

4. Ship and Deploy

Products require momentum when they reach the market. Our technicians go directly to your customers to complete expertly designed deployment services, including installation, implementation and migration — all under your brand. Entrust your supply chain models and the deployment of your technology to Shyft to deliver high-quality, end-to-end technology services from day one.

5. Use and Manage

Serve your customers in ways that exceed their expectations. Through Shyft’s maintenance and support services and revenue retention programs, you can empower your end users, maintain IT environments, repair hardware and deliver training — keeping your customers engaged throughout every stage of the lifecycle.

6. Retire and Dispose

Unlock the full value of the circular economy. When technology products reach the end of their useful life, Shyft makes it easy to recover value through repair, data erasure and e-cycling services. Our global footprint works in your favor to create a secure, compliant disposal process — all with an agile and flexible infrastructure.

Accelerate Your Business Transformation

Every transformation journey is unique. Shyft can help you accelerate business growth and reach your destination faster by embracing every opportunity along the way.


Create Your Transformation Roadmap

optimize supply chain
Cash Flow
Improve cash flow by optimizing your supply chain with end-to-end technology services.
Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction
Reduce fixed costs and release capital by leveraging Shyft's infrastructure and expertise.
Revenue Growth
Revenue Growth
Generate new sales with an extended Shyft team managing your channel and customers.
Scale your business quickly and free up space with our worldwide resources and facilities.

A New Category of Technology Partner

The game has changed and it’s time to rethink your current business operations and methodologies so you can accelerate your and your customers’ business transformations. This means you need a new type of partner who goes beyond product distribution to manage the end-to-end technology services that you either can’t or no longer want to do yourself. Entrust all, part or a few of your services to Shyft and reenvision the way you do business.

  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Meet customer expectations and global demands with Shyft. Modernize your logistics network with flexible, global services and 3PL, fulfillment and hybrid models specially designed to optimize your supply chain, drive efficiencies, reduce costs and release precious capital from your operations. Shyft’s supply chain management capabilities include:

    • Inventory management
    • Financial services
    • Transportation management
    • Order management
    • Import and export management
    Learn More About Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Lifecycle Management

    Channel Management Services

    Your customers expect and deserve the best experience from you and your product(s). Shyft works as an integral part of your team to execute your mission, maximize your channel’s success, expand your pipeline and confidently bring your products to market around the world. Shyft’s channel management capabilities include:

    • Partner acquisition
    • Partner enablement
    • Pipeline generation
    Learn More About Channel Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Integration Services

    Shyft’s configuration, customization and integration services enable you to give your customers the products and solutions they’re looking for without investing in additional headcount or infrastructure. Increase your profitability, avoid capital outlay, scale quickly and deliver custom-tailored solutions — from endpoint devices to complex rack-mounted systems. Shyft’s integration capabilities include:

    • Product design
    • Prototyping
    • Complex converged assembly
    • Endpoint device configuration
    • Customization options
    Learn More About Integration
  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Deployment Services

    Maximize IT value and allow your customers to experience all the benefits of your technology from day one by adding the global resources of Shyft to extend or outsource your service delivery capabilities. With Shyft’s multi-platform–certified IT professionals and broad scope of technical capabilities worldwide for multi-site deployment and migrations, your internal resources can focus on developing innovative strategies to serve your customers. Shyft’s deployment capabilities include:

    • Installation
    • Implementation
    • Migration
    Learn More About Deployment
  • Customer Lifecycle Management

    Customer Success Services

    You reach a new velocity of success when your end users are informed, fully supported and successful while using your products to meet their objectives. Shyft proactively engages your customers, provides support and encourages product adoption and value realization — ultimately elevating customer relationships, increasing confidence in your brand and generating lasting customer loyalty. Shyft’s customer success capabilities include:

    • Relationship management
    • Business development
    • Concierge support
    Learn More About Customer Success
  • Customer Lifecycle Management

    Certification and Training

    Rapidly educate and empower your customers, employees and partners on your products and the value they bring with Shyft as your single dedicated certification and training provider. Maintain your competitive edge by ensuring you build the right skills into your ecosystem. Shyft’s certification and training capabilities include:

    • Employee training and certification
    • Channel enablement and certification programs
    • End-user product training programs
    Learn More About Certification and Training
  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Maintenance and Support Services

    Keep your customers engaged with your brand throughout and beyond the support contract with Shyft as your single provider for all in- and out-of-warranty maintenance and end-of-service-life support. Give your end users the experience of exceptional white-labeled maintenance and support services delivered by highly responsive, multi-platform–certified technicians. Shyft’s maintenance and support capabilities include:

    • Hardware and software maintenance
    • L1–L3 Global Technical Assistance Center
    • Renewal support and warranty monitoring
    Learn More About Maintenance
  • Customer Lifecycle Management

    Revenue Retention Services

    Every customer interaction represents a valuable opportunity for ongoing engagement, traction and revenue retention. Capture all opportunities through Shyft with enticing and relevant incentives and sales campaigns that keep your partners and customers interested in your brand. Shyft's revenue retention capabilities include:

    • Hardware and software renewals
    • Software license compliance
    • Upsell and cross-sell activities
    Learn More About Revenue Retention
  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Repair Services

    The facilities, resources and capital required for comprehensive global logistics and circular economy support can place a significant strain on budgets and product delivery timelines. Delivered by expert engineers and trained technicians in state-of-the-art facilities across the globe, Shyft’s scalable repair services cover the full spectrum of IT products, helping you to maintain customer loyalty, reduce costs and free up capital. Shyft’s repair capabilities include:

    Learn More About Depot Repair
  • Product Lifecycle Management

    IT Asset Disposition Services

    Managing end-of-life services requires secure facilities, compliant procedures and responsible engineers — and Shyft has it all. Reduce complexity, recover additional value, protect your customers’ reputations and secure your place in the circular economy with Shyft’s complete IT asset disposition (ITAD) services. Our certified engineers and quality standard processes help to maximize product value and determine the best, safest outcome for your customers’ aging IT equipment. Shyft’s ITAD capabilities include:

    • Data erasure and security
    • Compliant e-cycling
    • Onsite services
    • Inventory management and reporting
    • Account management
    Learn More About IT Asset Disposition

Unparalleled End-to-End Technology Services

Our breadth and depth of capabilities, resources and global facilities enable you to confidently scale, extend or outsource your services and invest in what matters most to your business transformation. Are you ready to shift your business forward?


Partners Who Made the Shift

“We had two guiding objectives when entering this agreement: To find a great company to care for our employees and to secure a great partner to care for our clients. We chose Tech Data* because of their exceptional capabilities, reputation and values.”

—Yoshihiro Nishi, President and CEO, Fujitsu America, Inc.

“Tech Data* was able to understand our business objectives, and their team was able to integrate seamlessly into our operation. Not only were they great to work with, but they helped us step up our sales and support game.”

—Director of Sales and Support, International Electronics Manufacturer

"Tech Data* hit on all cylinders for us with their supply chain solution when we looked at alternatives to save cost. Their solution helped us improve our lead time, significantly reduce damaged deliveries and even increase our product offerings to our customers. With Tech Data’s* supply chain expertise guiding our processes, we’ve been able to redeploy investments to drive more revenue for our business."

—Director of Logistics, Electronics Manufacturer

“Tech Data* looked at every step of the data center setup, from how parts were shipped and stocked to how integration and configurations were completed both on site as well as in the engineering labs.”

—VP of Professional Services, OEM

“We really appreciated that Tech Data* had people with experience with Air Magnet and had a deep bench of experts who had worked in a hospital environment. It was easy to work with them to solve our customers’ problems.”

—VP of Professional Services, OEM