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As an Intel Data Center Solutions Premier Support Partner, Shyft Global Services provides world-class specialized maintenance solutions for onsite break-fix support, parts delivery and more.

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Enhance business value. Improve your customers' operations by supporting them on site or remotely as we install and support your customers' Intel server assets. Our highly responsive global maintenance capability ensures your customers remain fully operational with well-maintained IT equipment to meet their individual business needs. Bring enhanced value to your business through:

Premier Support

Vendor Affiliation

Shyft’s experience and partnerships with Intel Data Center Solutions Group fortify our standing in providing the highest-quality safety standards and experience, translating into unrivaled value for you and your customers.

Industry Certifications

Industry Certifications

Our technicians — in the field and on the phone — are trained on all Intel server products and stay up to date in the latest technology and trends, carrying thousands of certifications across the entire data center landscape.

Geographic Scale

Geographic Scale

With technicians, warehouses and forward stocking locations around the world, we can have Intel servers’ systems up and running with rapid response time wherever and whenever needed.

Maximize your customers’ technology investments by keeping their data center equipment up and running.
Shyft brings end-to-end product and customer lifecycle services to your company with one goal: giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

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Coverage Beyond Traditional Maintenance

Ensure your customers maintain fully operational Intel equipment to meet their individual business needs by expanding your coverage capabilities beyond traditional maintenance.

Hardware maintenance

Hardware Maintenance

Deliver exceptional service with certified technicians and facilities through Shyft’s maintenance and support programs. We provide optimal coverage — whether it’s in-warranty or post-warranty support — for Intel hardware, including high-quality services such as:

  • Technical Assistance Center
  • Spare parts management
  • Onsite white-glove break-fix service
  • Remote maintenance

Extended parts and logistics warranty

Extended Parts and Logistics Warranty

Prolong the life of Intel server products with an extended parts warranty beyond the standard Intel warranty period. Shyft provides parts and logistics with our standard service level agreements, extending infrastructure life. With Shyft’s network of stocking locations and parts procurement specialists, customers can develop a robust Data Center Block support strategy that aligns with their financial targets.

Deployment services

Installation, Implementation and Migration

Effective installation is the all-important first step in quickly and smoothly deploying new Intel server products into customers’ IT environments. Implement new technology solutions quickly and accelerate the time to value with Shyft’s installation services, including:

  • Preinstallation surveys
  • Onsite services and multi-site engagements
  • Migration services
  • Data consolidation
End-of-life support

End-Of-Life Support

Unlock the maximum value of data center hardware. Shyft recovers the greatest value from retired Intel assets so customers can reinvest the funds into their budget and offset costs. In the event that obtaining value for the asset in the market isn’t possible, our team will responsibly recycle the hardware, compliant with industry standards. Shyft’s IT asset disposition services include:

  • Reclaiming the highest market value for equipment
  • Trade-in, buyback and revenue share programs
  • Onsite and offsite data erasure
  • Hardware rental and swing gear for migration
Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements


  • Technical Assistance Center coverage seven days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Onsite hardware maintenance within four hours (depending on location and business requirements)



  • Technical Assistance Center coverage Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm local customer time
  • Onsite hardware maintenance next business day
Global Fotprint

Increase Your Geographic Footprint

Delivering services to customers across multiple locations is a constant challenge and requires scaling your business to expand your reach, capabilities and geographic footprint. Shyft offers extensive geographic reach and world-class services without increasing your overhead. Let Shyft manage your IT challenges for your Intel server products so you can focus on innovation and revenue.

Why Partner With Shyft?

Partnering with Shyft brings you the infrastructure and expertise you need to offer your customers solutions for the Intel products they need to succeed. Give your customers the extraordinary experience they deserve, improve agility and free up your resources to focus on transforming your business and generating new revenue.





Extend the useful life of your customers’ technology


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