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Digitizing Retail — Without the Complexity 

The digitization of the consumer experience is driving unparalleled shifts in how retailers must transform their businesses to meet customer expectations and stay competitive.

It’s time to rethink the service model that keeps your technology investments up and running for your customers and employees.

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Enable business outcomes with a single retail

technology services partner

Today’s retail technology landscapes encompass solutions from a variety of manufacturers. You may use a point-of-sale system from one brand and a kiosk from a different brand. While this combination ensures you get the solutions you and your customers need, it can also increase complexity.

Discover how a multi-vendor retail technology services partner can help you deliver an “always-on” environment, differentiating both your brand and experience among potential customers.


Provide consistent customer experiences


Get the most uptime from your tech investments


Enhance brand loyalty and recognition


Diminish downtime and seize revenue opportunities


Streamline your service partner network

eBook: Retail Technology Services Checkup

Partnering with the right retail technology services provider is critical to ensure you are maximizing the benefits of your technology.

Use this simple nine-point checklist to help you determine what to look for when evaluating retail technology service providers.

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End-to-end support for your retail technology

Delivering innovative retail experiences doesn’t end with investing in the technology itself. Finding the right mix of services to ensure your technology is up and running for the long haul is key to lasting success.

Shyft Global Services is experienced with multi-vendor environments across the lifecycle — from installation and implementation to maintenance and support — allowing your team to focus on building the best customer experience possible.


Technology deployment

Leverage our team of expert engineers and vast resources to create a solution for your unique retail technology deployment needs — from basic “rack and stack” setup to highly advanced technology deployments and rollouts.

End-of-life support (1)-1

Maintenance and support

Tap into support that you and your customers can depend on — delivered by highly responsive, multi-platform–certified technicians.

With Shyft as your single provider for all in- and out-of-warranty maintenance and end-of-life support, you can better serve customers and employees with more uptime.


Technology repair

Quality repairs can make or break in-store experiences. Maintain customer loyalty and reduce costs through a scalable repair service that’s responsive, agile and flexible.

Ensure your store is up and running with support across a spectrum of products from data center to client to embedded technology.


Supply chain and logistics

Outsource all or part of your supply chain to free up resources and improve cash flow by optimizing your inventory position — all through Shyft’s smooth implementation process, ensuring no impact to your business operations.

GFS Outsourcing - Case Study

A partner built to support your retail business

Did you know Shyft is the sole outsource service provider of Fujitsu America, Inc.’s Technical Maintenance Services (TMS) business, including multi-vendor Retail Managed Services and Product Related Services? More than 300 service and support professionals from the Fujitsu America, Inc. TMS workforce joined GLM* to deliver these services.

The combined technology expertise and investment in systems and capabilities results in a single global technology partner that can provide in-house, multi-vendor, end-to-end technology lifecycle support — driving cost and operational efficiencies for retailers around the world.

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With decades of IT expertise and established partnerships across the globe, Shyft can help you tackle the most complex of technology support needs — see where a technology services partner like Shyft could take your business.





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