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Increasing Service Delivery Reach and Enhancing Partner Opportunities

Flexibility and growth are two essential elements you need when choosing a partner to enhance your business. And when you’re scaling at the level Cohesity was, you likely need a robust ecosystem of partners.

Cohesity wanted to remain focused on software development while still offering a complete solution, including hardware and professional services. To scale services up or down, enable its channel partners and avoid investing in a large services infrastructure, Cohesity found a partner in Shyft Global Services to deliver installation, implementation and additional services at scale.

"By partnering with Shyft, we can offer professional services to our customers and our partner ecosystem. As a result, our partners can offer additional value and drive increased adoption of our software."

—Mike Houghton, Vice President, Global Partner Organization, Cohesity

In this case study, you’ll discover:

  • Key benefits and outcomes to expect when partnering for service delivery
  • How outsourcing creates space for you to focus on innovation
  • How engagement promotes scalability for your partner ecosystem
Cohesity - Case Study

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