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Technology Deployment Services

End-to-End Deployment Capabilities That Take the Complexity Out of Service Delivery

Install, implement and migrate your technology quickly and efficiently so that your customers can experience all its benefits from day one.

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Scalable Deployment Services That Deliver the Quality Customers Expect

From basic “rack and stack” services to advanced deployments and rollouts, Shyft Global Services' end-to-end, scalable deployment solutions deliver service quality that delights your customers, enhances your reputation and frees up your resources.

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Refocused Workforce

Redeploy valuable resources by outsourcing deployment projects and programs to our trained technicians.

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Fixed to Variable Costs

Gain access to off-payroll, expert resources and pay only for the technology deployment services you use.


Quality Control

Our certified engineers maintain the integrity of your customers’ products through exceptional services.


Risk Reduction

Mitigate the risks associated with implementing new technology into your customers’ IT environment.

Technology Deployment Services Capabilities

  • Technology Deployment Services Capabilities


Effective installation is the all-important first step in deploying new technology into your customers’ IT environments, as this allows your customers to quickly and smoothly implement your new technology. Shyft's installation capabilities include:

  • Pre-installation support
  • Onsite services and multi-site engagements
  • Converged and hyperconverged solutions
  • Project management


From basic “rack and stack” services to advanced implementations of large-scale deployments and rollouts, Shyft can handle the most complex solutions across multi-site engagements — giving you the resources you need or allowing you to free up the ones you already have to grow your business. Our program management team ensures a seamless experience for implementation needs such as:

  • Logistics and inventory staging
  • Integration services
  • Multi-site deployment
  • Personal device deployment setup (PC, tablet, IoT)
  • Wireless network assessments and deployments


Whether your customers need data migration from one data center to another or down to the desktop level, Shyft's engineers can tackle the most robust migration needs. Our custom plans address your customers’ budgets and requirements, including:

  • Data consolidation
  • Application-specific migrations
  • Cloud migration
  • Packaging and physical movement of equipment
  • Reinstallation of equipment and maintenance going forward

Remote Services

As your customers expect more innovation and flexibility, you can reduce costs, increase scalability and enhance service access with remote services from Shyft. We can deliver flexible remote service options based on your customers’ needs across various technologies from the basics to advanced solutions — allowing you to be there for your customers when in person is not an option. Shyft's remote services include:

  • 24x7x365 Global Technical Assistance Center
  • Remote configuration and implementation
  • Preconfigured deployed systems
  • Extensive delivery partner network
  • Flexible service delivery models
  • Immediate response times

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Reinvent Your Deployment Services Strategy

Business technology equipment that isn’t properly installed and integrated into your customers' existing network can cost them time and revenue and can impact your brand reputation. Shyft’s engineers follow standardized deployment methodology that ensures proper equipment installation, implementation and migration customized to each customer’s environment — every time. Our skilled subject-matter experts are trained on your technology, too, keeping your customers up to date and ensuring their success.

Proven Methodologies and Practices

With more than a decade of combined experience and 2,500+ certifications, our deployment team makes Shyft an industry leader in technology deployment services. We follow best practices every time to ensure your customers are satisfied through superior service methods and that your technology is installed, implemented and utilized to its greatest potential.

  • In any large-scale deployment, understanding your customers’ needs is fundamental. Shyft reduces risk, simplifies management and decreases complexities with our standardized project methodologies. Each project follows a clear process that begins with outlining the project’s requirements and ends with data validation when the technology goes live. We provide a single point of contact, diligent oversight and impeccable service during every step of the process.

  • Shyft follows a proven service delivery methodology and offers multiple tools for scheduling, tracking, managing and reporting, giving you greater visibility into the execution of your customers’ deployment projects. With self-service scheduling, interactive dashboards, knowledge articles, contract details and more, our unified global platform provides increased transparency and visibility into the full technology service lifecycle.

  • With comprehensive knowledge of top technology brands, years of industry expertise and extensive certifications, Shyft serves your customers with the highest quality of technology deployment services. Through established project methodologies and proven service delivery methods, we deliver a great customer experience every time.


Realize Value From Day One

Your customers need time to adopt new technologies and get their systems into production quickly. Shyft's field service engineers and technicians efficiently install, implement and migrate your technology into your customers’ environments, giving them a seamless experience and allowing them to take full advantage of their technological investments from day one.

  • Our team of engineers uses a proven coordination and delivery process to provide the right services every time, working directly with your customers to deliver technology without business interruption. Our coordination and scheduling team makes the process seamless, and our field service engineers work from a comprehensive work-order checklist to ensure every detail is accounted for.

  • Our engineering team supports custom configuration, installation and de-installation services, and our logistics team determines the best way to move equipment under consideration of all applicable laws and regulations. Together, we orchestrate efficient moves and interim maintenance as needed so your customers can enjoy a seamless transition throughout every phase of the deployment process.

  • For large-scale projects, Shyft lifts the burden of project management by handling the whole process with teams that are experienced in all aspects of solution deployment. Whether you want to leverage your existing resources in the field or acquire new resources, Shyft has you covered. We'll assign a project manager, assess site readiness, send in trained installation experts, coordinate seamless shipping and delivery and document the entire process from start to finish.

  • Shyft's globally standardized field services management processes mean you and your customers experience the same best-in-class services regardless of location. Proper resource utilization, enhanced agent productivity, process automation and optimal case resolution times help increase your ability to scale, reduce overall services costs and maintain business continuity.

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Asset Management Beyond Technology Deployment

Shyft brings the ideal combination of logistics and technology expertise to every project. We work with your customers to develop a custom plan that meets their requirements under your specifications. Our field service technicians can install and activate IT solutions on site or remotely, hassle-free and across a wide spectrum of technology platforms.

  • By mapping the right skills to the right job, you’ll ensure your customers are receiving the highest quality of service every time. We maintain a database of skill levels and technical certifications for each engineer so we can deploy the best-qualified resource to get the job done well in a timely manner. And our unified global platform encompasses the full customer journey for deployment and maintenance services, providing enhanced visibility into real-time service event actions as well as transparency into the service lifecycle.

  • Shyft's engineers hold more than 2,500 certifications in multi-vendor technologies and have the expertise to install, implement and migrate the most complex IT environments. Whether your customers are migrating to the cloud or to new desktops, and whether you’re supporting a multi-site installment or implementing new technology, our complex solutions are effective in any multi-platform environment.

  • When you add Shyft's global resources to extend or outsource your service delivery capabilities, we become part of your team, delivering a broad scope of technical capabilities worldwide. With Shyft's uniquely designed services for technology installations, implementations and migrations, you’re empowered to focus your internal resources on developing innovative new ways to serve your customers — while we handle the rest.

  • Outsourcing your deployment services to an experienced partner like Shyft enables you to more easily release precious capital and resources, reduce costs and improve your cash flow. Ultimately, this reshapes the way you do business, as you can then hone your focus on product innovation while still maintaining your dedication to your customers.

  • Shyft Certified Resource is a managed quality control program for the field service technicians and engineers who deliver Shyft's global field services. The program follows formalized processes for recruiting, onboarding, performance management and training, all of which ultimately helps to standardize the field service delivery experience globally and improve technician quality, competence and confidence. By providing this level of quality control, the Shyft Certified Resource program helps ensure Shyft's capabilities and resources align to your business’s unique objectives.

  • Made up of resources from support, business development, product management, partner management, marketing and service delivery, our dedicated client success team serves as trusted advisors and customer advocates throughout the client lifecycle. Value- and outcome-based interactions that focus on executing your defined success action plans help ensure the right resource engagement at the right point in the service journey — ultimately delivering a best-in-class customer experience and accelerating the achievement of your desired business outcomes.


Expand Your Reach, Skills and Capacity

Shyft uses a combination of unique IP and top technology providers to offer efficiency, flexibility and risk mitigation from design through maturity to end of life. Our web-based and custom solution tools, refresh projects and end-of-life support mean we can safely maintain any technology your customers use to support their IT ecosystems. Discover complete IT lifecycle management capabilities under one roof — and eliminate the need for multiple companies to handle your current business operations.

  • No matter what stage of the IT lifecycle assets are in, Shyft provides end-to-end support for every piece of IT infrastructure equipment your customers use. From design to disposal and everywhere in between, we help your customers maintain a fully functional IT ecosystem. Our world-class team of service delivery professionals brings deep expertise to every challenge you face — now and in the future.

  • Shyft efficiently and effectively executes programmatic global technology on your behalf. Our global expertise and footprint enable us to deploy highly qualified, experienced, professional engineers and project managers all over the world. Strategically located facilities move defective units through the supply chain quickly and efficiently so you can leverage our infrastructure to reduce your overall costs.

  • If you think your customer experience can’t get any better, think again. Under your badge or ours, you can support your customers’ various technologies and distinct objectives with Shyft's global multi-vendor solution, helping to reduce complexity, optimize processes and enhance the value your customers experience. Our white-labeled, non-competitive approach to multi-platform–certified support includes services for deployment, maintenance and revenue retention.


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