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Shyft Your IT Services Innovation Customers IT Services Forward

Outsource your product and customer lifecycle management services to a single
global technology partner.


Reshape Your Business Model and Reinvest in Growth

Outpace the competition and move forward confidently with a partnership designed to evolve — it’s time to make the shift to an outsourced service model.

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Outsource the Easy Way

Savor the simplicity of a single service provider with proven global technology services delivery expertise
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Tap Into Expertise

Support more customers by relying on our well-established infrastructure and purposeful network
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Boost Your Brand

Serve your customers with excellence and sharpen your competitive edge with white-label service delivery
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Laser-Focus Your Team

Reclaim resources to invest back into innovation by leveraging our full portfolio of technology services

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Mitigate Business Risk

Reduce unnecessary liability — scalability and flexibility means we take on certain risks so you don't have to

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Tailor the Right Mix

Offer a seamless customer experience with custom IT solutions built to your unique business needs

Our Services

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Integration Services

From configuration and customization to end-point devices and complex rack-mounted systems built specifically to customer needs, Shyft Global Services' state-of-the-art, certified facilities and team of experienced engineers help you deliver the custom-tailored solutions your customers need — without investing in additional headcount or infrastructure.

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Assembly, Integration and Testing

From design to complex converged assembly and testing, we take your concept from inception to creation

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Certified Facilities

Our global facilities are certified to numerous industry standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485

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Supply Chain Management

Drive efficiencies, lower costs, increase visibility and deliver a seamless experience more easily — all while meeting unique SLAs. It’s time to modernize your logistics network and take your supply chain global with specially designed 3PL, B2B & B2C fulfillment and hybrid models that can support you and your customers anywhere in the world.


Scale Alongside Customer Demands

Increase flexibility and optimize your supply chain without sacrificing your customer experience

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Fulfillment Services

Leverage a complete range of services that are quickly and seamlessly integrated into your existing operations

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Technology Deployment

Products need momentum when they reach the market. Our highly trained technicians go directly to your customers to perform scalable, efficient deployment services, including installation, implementation and migration — all under your brand. Enable faster value realization with deployment service quality that enhances your reputation and frees up internal resources for other key initiatives.

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Manage Deployments From End to End

Our deployment capabilities have you and your customers covered for implementation, installation, migration and more

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Certified Engineers

Together, our engineers maintain more than 2,500 industry certifications in multi-vendor technologies

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Maintenance and Support

With our white-labeled, multi-vendor services, you can empower your end users, maintain complex multi-vendor IT environments, enhance business continuity and sustain lasting customer relationships. With Shyft as your single service provider for all in- and out-of-warranty maintenance and end-of-service-life support, you eliminate the hassle of managing multiple third-party maintenance providers.

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Global Support — Anytime

Utilize the robust infrastructure of our Global Technical Assistance Center for L1–L3 support, 24x7x365

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Scalable, Cost-Efficient Services

Our maintenance services cover a variety of SLAs to maximize both your savings and quality of service

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Depot Repair

Quality technology repairs that are responsive, agile and flexible can reduce costs, extend product lifetime value and drive sustainability, productivity and customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive depot repair services cover the full spectrum of products so you can refocus dedicated resources on your next big project.

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Complete Technology Coverage

Our repair services cover a wide spectrum of products and verticals, including IT OEMs, medical devices, broadband solutions, retail technology and more

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Forward and Reverse Logistics

Our infrastructure is built to move defective units back through the supply chain quickly and efficiently, lowering your overall operational costs

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IT Asset Disposition

When technology products reach the end of their useful life, we make it easy to minimize e-waste, recover product value and reinvest in innovation through sustainable IT asset disposition (ITAD) and management services. Our expansive logistics network and global footprint work in your favor to create a secure, compliant disposal process.

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Proper Data Protection

We comply with applicable local, state, federal and in-country laws to ensure data is properly protected during every step of the disposal process

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Closed-Loop Environmental Management System

Our core environmental protection policy calls for zero landfill, zero incineration and zero export of non-functioning assets or e-waste

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Customer Management Services

Maximize the value of your and your customers’ technology investments. As a white-label, distributor-neutral extension of your team, we deliver the customer lifecycle management services you need to expand your channel reach, develop a high-performing, profitable sales ecosystem, promote product adoption and capture every opportunity for revenue.

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Dedicated Customer Management Resources

We provide OEM-specific resources that are 100% dedicated to you — not shared between other customers


Augmented Channel Strategy

We learn your organization and complement your customer management strategy with custom-built solutions

Supply Chain
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Put Innovation First With a Services Outsourcing Partner

Great innovation is game-changing and industry-transforming. When your strategy requires you to be laser-focused on what’s next, Shyft helps you carry the rest. Every day, our service experts help businesses like yours create scale, enhance profitability and focus most on strategic growth — all to ensure your business thrives and your customers become your biggest fans.

Discover a partner whose business was built to help yours shift forward.

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Build Your Custom Services Solution With Shyft

Our customer-centric, listen-first approach to technology services outsourcing involves close collaboration with experienced program management professionals who are poised to build the just-right services solution you need to take your business to the next level.

  1. Listen and Learn: We work closely with you to understand your goals, needs, small setbacks and major roadblocks.
  2. Design and Develop: Our team formulates a custom-tailored services solution designed to deliver optimal results.
  3. Configure and Test: The testing stage is essential to ensuring our services solution aligns to your unique needs.
  4. Onboard and Implement: Thorough onboarding, support and touchpoints help to ensure seamless implementation.
  5. Maintain and Assess: We regularly assess the efficiency of your solution to identify areas for improvement.
  6. Adapt and Expand: Collaboration and flex operating procedures help us prepare for growth and ramp-up needs.

Shift the Way You Think About Your Product Lifecycle

As your products make their way through the technology lifecycle, disruptors make the global technology market more competitive every minute. But keeping up and growing your business doesn’t have to come with growing pains. Outsourcing your technology lifecycle services to Shyft gives you the freedom you need to reshape your business model and reinvest in growth, digital transformation and innovation — all while seamlessly supporting customers. 

Redeploy Your Resources With a Single Trusted Global Technology Partner

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