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IT Hardware Maintenance Services

Multi-Vendor Maintenance Solutions That Keep Your Brand Top of Mind

Give your end users the experience of exceptional, white-labeled maintenance and support services delivered by highly responsive, multi-platform–certified technicians.


Hardware Maintenance Services You and Your Customers Can Depend On

With Shyft Global Services as your single provider for all in- and out-of-warranty maintenance and end-of-life support, you can better serve your customers in ways that exceed their expectations.

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Revenue Growth

With expert post-warranty support, easily reengage your customers at time of upgrades or refreshes.

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Brand Quality

Your brand is your company’s identity. Entrust your IT maintenance services to a brand as reputable as yours.

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Reclaimed Resources

Reduce costs and free up resources by outsourcing field services to an experienced, authorized provider.

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Consistent Service

Our certified experts deliver quality service that maintains your customers’ technology to your high standards.

IT Maintenance Services Capabilities

  • IT Maintenance Services Capabilities

Infrastructure Software Support

As your authorized maintenance provider, Shyft has the expertise to diagnose issues at the application layer and recommend repairs, patches and fixes. Our engineers look below the hardware level to find underlying issues. Software analysis allows us to understand the full scope of your customers’ maintenance needs, including:

  • Application maintenance
  • Software updates

Hardware Maintenance

Unauthorized third-party maintenance providers can compromise the integrity of your hardware solutions and pose a risk to you and your end users. Shyft provides certified and trained experts in your technology, so you can trust that your customers are receiving the same level of quality in products and services as if you were offering it directly yourself. Our IT hardware maintenance capabilities include:

  • Spare parts management — consigned or Shyft-owned
  • Forward and central part stocking options
  • RMA management
  • Multiple omni-channel communication options
  • White-glove service programs
  • Low- or no-cost hard drive retention (DMR)
  • 24x7 onsite response
  • 24x7 global technical assistance center and help desk


Recapturing, retaining and recertifying your existing customers is one of Shyft's goals when maintaining IT infrastructures. Our technicians are close to your technology, and we’re close to you. Without expert maintenance, your customers may switch to a third-party maintenance provider for extended warranty support, so Shyft turns this risk into real opportunity by extending and expanding warranty with additional high-value capabilities, such as:

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Warranty monitoring
  • Proactive support contract positioning and sales


In today’s multi-vendor IT environment, unifying support under one roof is almost mandatory. Provide the support services your customers need through Shyft's Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC), which can take support operations off your hands with a 24x7x365 infrastructure staffed by a centralized team of service delivery experts. Our services include Level 1, 2 and 3 technical and helpdesk support.

  • 24x7x365 Global Technical Assistance Center
  • Helpdesk services
  • Server, network device and storage device support
  • Software support
  • White-label support programs
  • Delivery management
  • Reporting

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Reimagine Your IT Maintenance Services Strategy

Maintain complete control of the IT asset lifecycle — from design to disposal and everywhere in between. Shyft provides your customers with unmatched expertise delivered by highly trained engineers. This ultimately relieves you of managing multiple third-party maintenance providers and decreases the risk of unauthorized activities, such as the installation of third-party parts, which could pose safety, security and economic risk to you and your end users. We help ensure your brand and customers are protected at every stage of the technology lifecycle.

Maintenance Solutions Designed by Service Industry Experts

Unauthorized third-party maintenance providers can compromise the integrity of your technology solutions and generate unnecessary risk for both you and your end users. Our expert technicians and engineers are trained across multiple platforms to maintain the most complex IT infrastructures and bridge the gap for your customers. When they’re ready to make the next upgrade, we bring them right back to you.

  • With highly trained engineers, Shyft facilitates the maintenance and support of various technologies by delivering a global multi-vendor solution on your behalf, helping to reduce complexity — even in a variety of infrastructures. As an authorized maintenance provider with vast supplier relationships, we protect your brand and technology from counterfeits and help you retain customers by giving them the best possible service experience.

  • No matter what your company’s objectives are, entrusting the service operations that you can’t or no longer want to handle yourself to an experienced partner like Shyft empowers you to transform the way you do business. By freeing up capital and resources, reducing costs and improving your cash flow through outsourcing, you can then refocus on developing the game-changing, innovative products the future needs — while still maintaining your commitment to customers.

  • Your customers’ IT infrastructures are complex. With more than 2,500 industry-recognized certifications in multi-vendor technologies, our engineers are vendor agnostic and can handle the most complex systems out there. Simplify processes with streamlined services delivered by our multi-platform–certified maintenance and support experts.

  • Our engineers are trained on your technology and all aspects of maintaining hardware. Each team member completes rigorous coursework and workshops that prepare them to meet your service needs for onsite or remote installation, troubleshooting, repairs and more. We train our teams not only to understand your products inside and out, but also to understand how and why everything fits together.

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Prompt, High-Quality Maintenance Services

When you go beyond the traditional maintenance coverage model, customers notice. Shyft can handle all of your customers’ onsite maintenance needs — whether in one or multiple locations — all under a single contract. Our skilled technicians ensure an exceptional customer experience across the full lifecycle of your products to keep them coming back to your brand.

  • Having a single point of contact reduces expenses, mitigates risk, improves efficiency and streamlines communications. We ensure your customers have a seamless, high-quality maintenance and support experience with our dedicated team managing the entire project scope from initial interaction to final task and launch.

  • Shyft’s call and field services management processes are standardized globally, so regardless of location, you and your customers experience the same best-in-class services. Our standardization and globalization helps to reduce your overall service costs through process automation, enhanced agent productivity, proper resource utilization and optimal case resolution times — ultimately maintaining service continuity and increasing your capacity to scale business up or down as needed.

  • Shyft can manage the global forward and reverse logistics of your parts in our locations, minimizing your overhead costs and maintaining accurate inventory levels. We offer secure warehousing at global fulfillment centers, which keeps parts closer to your customers for expedited delivery. We also provide inventory management and transportation control for value-added services.

  • We offer end-of-life IT services for your customers’ aging assets to help you get the most value out of your investment while safely and securely disposing of IT equipment in an economical, eco-friendly way that complies with data destruction and security laws.

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Maintain Visibility Into Your Customers’ IT Environment

Your customers need to operate at optimal capacity without technology issues slowing them down. You can track their equipment throughout the entire maintenance process, and our root cause analysis can provide critical information about which parts fail and why.

  • Serve your customers efficiently with Shyft’s time-tested best practices, multiple service-level agreement (SLA) coverage models and proven service delivery methodology. Our scheduling, tracking, managing and reporting tools offer greater visibility into the execution of your customers’ projects.

  • You can pull reporting overviews in real time, which delivers customized visibility into your customers’ products. Our service management tools offer insight into installation scheduling and tracking, technician training, open ticket management task reporting, SLA-detailed reporting, activity reporting, service completion and more.

  • We use a single global platform to encompass the full customer journey for end-to-end maintenance and deployment services. With self-service scheduling, asset details, bidirectional communication and more, our platform provides transparency into the service lifecycle from the first interaction to the last mile, increasing your visibility into real-time service event actions and giving you an overall improved line of sight to SLA achievement.  

  • Shyft’s escalation plan resolves customer issues in a quick, efficient manner to provide your customers quality care 24x7x365. Our Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) proactively escalates cases based on customer requests and four priority levels that address different degrees of business impact.

  • Extensive knowledge of top OEM technology brands and years of industry expertise allow us to create a unique, high-quality maintenance experience with established service methodologies and proven delivery methods — including tracking and management tools, technician mapping and installation scheduling. Leveraging key data and customer insights enables our team of experts to more intelligently route work orders or cases to the right technician or agent and more proactively resolve problems.


More Team Without More Capital Investment

Reduce complexity and transform the way you deliver IT hardware maintenance services by letting Shyft become part of your team. Whether your customers are in or outside of warranty, we’ve got them covered as an authorized maintenance provider, offering one contract that covers your customers’ needs while reducing your administrative work and expenses.

  • With needs-based services delivered on your behalf, our technical expertise and experience allow us to maintain your products as an authorized provider, protecting your brand and delivering exceptional quality throughout the entire maintenance cycle. We also cover hardware needs under your predetermined SLAs to ensure your customers continue receiving the high-quality maintenance services they expect from your brand.

  • We put the right people in the right place at the right time, serving your customers when and where they need it most on a global scale. Shyft’s breadth and depth of readily available resources enables you to scale up or down as business needs require — and to choose the coverage model that works best for your customers. Our operational economies of scale offer consistent and reliable services while significantly reducing your costs.

  • With OEM-trained technology specialists who offer three levels of support, our robust mix of product parts, labor and technical expertise help keep your customers’ systems up and running at optimal levels. Our team is trained to work with your products and respond quickly and efficiently to customer requests for support on your behalf, consistently delivering the right solutions based on the combination of products and services you choose.

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Far-Reaching Capabilities That Expand Your Scope

Shyft’s technical expertise, gold-standard distribution system, global reach and wide coverage, detailed reporting and dedicated support teams maintain and reinforce your end users’ IT infrastructures, preserving your brand’s reputation and exceeding your customers’ expectations. Being both OEM-agnostic and OEM-aligned means Shyft can work in a multi-vendor environment while also aligning to each vendor within the environment.

  • With extensive multiregional coverage, Shyft deploys certified technicians to provide maintenance, repair, replacement and other hardware services that keep end users working with little to no disruption. Within North America, Shyft’s field service coverage spans 99% of the population in the US and Canada through remote field service technicians.

  • Managing the entire lifecycle of technology equipment demands a full spectrum of centrally managed services. Shyft can maximize product value throughout the entire IT lifecycle by managing your services from design to disposal. Confidently scale, extend or augment service capabilities for any stage of the IT lifecycle by leveraging Shyft’s comprehensive portfolio as your single service provider.

  • Support your customers’ variety of technologies and unique business needs with Shyft’s global multi-vendor solution — under your badge or ours — helping to reduce complexity, preserve product refresh cycles and strengthen your customer relationships. We deliver holistic, multi-platform–certified support through comprehensive services for maintenance, deployment and revenue retention. If you think your customer experience can’t get any better, think again.

  • Shyft reaches end users on your behalf, driving demand and combating the risks of third-party maintenance. We keep your customers close by simplifying or eliminating channels to end users, allowing you to build and maintain direct relationships. When you partner with Shyft, you benefit from our unmatched scale and scope, experience and insight, innovative approach and deep relationships with the world’s leading technology companies.


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