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Global Supply Chain Management Services

Powerful, Flexible Solutions to Strengthen Every Link of Your Global Supply Chain

Increase supply chain visibility, drive efficiency and lower costs with purpose-built global supply chain management services from Shyft Global Services. 


The Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain

With Shyft’s supply chain experts and specially designed 3PL, B2B & B2C fulfillment and hybrid models, you can optimize and streamline your supply chain, reduce overhead costs, scale as your business grows and release precious capital from domestic and global operations to focus on your key initiatives.

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Inventory Velocity

Improve inventory turns while maintaining high fill rates and strong customer service.

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Customer Satisfaction

Improve time to market by optimizing transportation processes and global logistics.

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Cost Reduction

Reduce fixed costs and free up resources by leveraging Shyft’s global infrastructure.

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Revenue Growth

Generate new sales with pricing and promotions aligned to best practices.

Global Supply Chain Management Capabilities

  • Global Supply Chain Management Capabilities

Inventory Management

We understand that consumers have a choice; therefore, our goal is to maintain adequate inventory levels in the right location at the right time to satisfy consumer demand. Shyft takes a balanced approach to inventory management to understand forecasts and ensure we hold the proper amount of inventory for seasonal fluctuations in demand. Shyft partners with your team to streamline and enhance your end-to-end supply chain integration while saving you time and money. Our inventory management capabilities include:

  • SKU-level visibility
  • Collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment processes
  • Involvement in the entire lifecycle of your products
  • Optimizing supply while minimizing costs

Pricing and Promotions

Our supply chain management team helps OEMs manage pricing structures and uncover promotional opportunities from new product introduction to end of life. We’re constantly thinking about your bottom line, and we use numerous strategies to assist with pricing and promotions, including:

  • Strategic pricing motions and promotions
  • Pricing and sales reporting
  • Fast and accurate entry of special pricing
  • Ability to handle several entry modes
  • Excellent customer service
  • Individual order review
  • Robust and flexible pricing engine
  • Flexible pricing methodologies

Financial Services

Shyft identifies funding sources to offset your costs. We also boast a full suite of financial services, including invoicing, accounts receivable and payables management, ultimately offering you a stronger balance sheet. We help with:

  • Identifying funding sources
  • Leveraging assets and using reseller credit
  • Billing and accounts receivable and payables services
  • Credit limit management
  • Pass-through of desired terms
  • Relationships with numerous financial services providers
  • Dedicated partner teams
  • Mixed vendor accounts

Our third-party relationships include

  • GE Capital Services
  • Castle Pines Capital/Wells Fargo
  • IBM Global Financial
  • DLL
  • TCF Inventory Finance
  • Visa, MasterCard and Discover

Pre- and Post-Sales Support

Beginning with our proven eight-step New Program Implementation methodology and continuing through our hyper care support, our supply chain experts offer peace of mind by supporting your products with a mix of comprehensive pre- and post-sales support capabilities, including:

  • Order fulfillment
  • Claims management
  • Trailing credit
  • Returns administration
  • Price protection
  • Relationship-focused regional business development
  • Joint calls with partner account owners
  • Compensation alignment

Warehousing and Distribution

With strategically located secure warehousing, Shyft delivers rapid access and quality inventory management while leveraging transportation hubs near your customers. Our dedicated inventory control teams ensure accuracy and operational efficiencies. We support our customers’ warehousing and distribution needs with:

  • Secure product warehousing
  • Fulfillment centers around the world
  • Inventory transport
  • Kitting
  • Quarantine
  • Labeling
  • Localization
  • Special projects
  • Inventory control
  • Reworks, updates and more

Transportation Management

Our shipping network is carrier-neutral, allowing us to ship products anywhere in the world while offering consolidated invoicing and regular pricing. Our approach to transportation management includes:

  • Performance metrics
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Small parcel shipping
  • LTL and FTL options
  • White-glove delivery
  • Delivery time options
  • Online delivery proof
  • Routing guide compliance
  • Delivery against fixed and ad hoc booking slots
  • Late order intake
  • Post-midnight carrier hub departures
  • Just-in-time (JIT) delivery

Order Management

Using comprehensive customer validation and optimized practices to manage intake, we service commercial, government, education, direct-to-consumer and healthcare markets. Our team expertly handles:

  • Allocation management
  • Order expediting
  • Tracking
  • Troubleshooting
  • RMA handling
  • Inspection, testing and grading
  • Re-boxing, repair and refurbishment
  • Returns (stock, supplier) and action


Shyft’s partnership with Digital River (a global merchant of record services provider) allows you to utilize Shyft as a one-stop shop for global direct-to-consumer (D2C) selling. It enables everything from the selection of a content management system and recommendations on specific software integrators to automated payment and finance solutions to complete back-end 3PL/consignment or distributor inventory management. We manage and analyze your transactions to give you:

  • Visibility
  • Forecasting
  • Cost reductions
  • An easy buying experience for customers
  • Full reporting
  • Forecasts for future requirements
  • Support in 240+ countries
  • 46 transactional currencies
  • Nine local business entities
  • 26 local acquirers

Import and Export Management

We manage imports and exports from our command central, which includes import/export professionals and Shyft’s Regulatory Compliance Department to support every step of the import and export management process. Our import management capabilities include:

  • Tracking and monitoring shipments
  • Checkpoints throughout the supply chain
  • Communication with your customs broker
  • Proper communication of booking information
  • Ensuring proper information for pre-clearance
  • Ensuring availability of goods for pickup
  • Internal handoffs to Shyft Logistics

We support export management with:

  • Compliant commercial invoices using compliance data that you supply
  • Export coordination service
  • Shipping labels, manifests, and packing lists
  • Handoff to the freight forwarder you contract
  • Records retention for commercial invoices
  • Consolidated commercial invoicing


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Redefine Your Supply Chain Strategy

For many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), transportation, labor and inventory are their biggest supply chain cost drivers. With more than 45 years' experience at the center of the technology supply chain, we can help you rethink yours to streamline operations, reduce costs and sharpen your competitiveness. If you think you know agility, think again.

Customer-Centric Supply Chain Solutions

Your customers want easy purchasing, tracking and support. More importantly, they want to purchase an experience — not just a product or service. Shyft’s customer-centric supply chain initiatives add and protect value and set you apart from the competition. As an extension of your operation, our goal is to create an enhanced end-user experience that enables you to realize increased customer loyalty and retained sales velocity.

  • We maintain 99.8 percent delivery for same-day shipping and 99.99 percent for priority shipments thanks to our wide network of warehouses and global logistics centers. We leverage our geographic presence to shorten time to market and reduce transportation costs, which ultimately offers a superior customer experience and improves your profit

  • Your customers deserve easy access to the products they want under your brand umbrella. Enhanced by our partnership with Digital River, Shyft utilizes connectors to our OEM customers’ websites that enable your customers, dealers and resellers to easily place orders and track deliveries through your preferred e-commerce platform. We optimize user experiences from front-end interface to back-end API with an efficient and quality web-based e-commerce portal.

  • Shyft’s credit policies and procedures expand your customers’ payment options by leveraging payment terms such as net, cash discount and tiered payments, as well as credit card, flooring, leasing and prepay options. We also offer internet payment and billing in addition to late payment charging.

  • Your customers demand real-time updates on their parcels, which we can provide online, via email and over the phone. Shyft assists with order tracking, claims management and returns, and our dynamic alert capabilities provide your customers with event-based alerts from our selected carriers, such as shipment and delivery notifications.

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Increased Global Supply Chain Visibility

Shyft provides visibility into your entire supply chain, which helps identify areas for optimization, better quality and cost reduction. Our experts also offer reports, analysis and recommendations to reduce risk, improve lead time and identify shortages and quality issues.

  • Shyft forecasts market demands and produces a demand plan that includes robust alert monitoring to enable buyers to quickly react or proactively resolve issues. Our Demand Planning Tool provides visibility to everything needed at the material level, making it easier to manage inventory and engage with supply planners.

  • We offer robust suites of reporting and analytics for all aspects of supply chain management — from purchasing and planning to order management and delivery tracking to collections and receivables.

  • A rigorous approach to cost effectiveness and best-practice process identification, optimization and implementation forms the basis of our continuous improvement philosophy within our logistics center network. We monitor all processes and results, offering continuous supply chain improvement and optimization, with the goal of ensuring a streamlined, well-functioning supply chain at all times and stages of your product’s lifecycle.

  • We offer analytics drawn from back order and receiving performance, picking performance and other key performance indicators. We use a management-by-exception approach to explain issues and variances and devise solutions. Our strategy includes completing monthly budget and variance reports, soliciting organization feedback and identifying root causes for all issues.

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Supply Chain Models Built to Your Needs

Your business is one of a kind, so we assess your unique needs to build a business-specific solution together that makes your goals a reality. We can take the lead in back- and front-office operations — or combine the two. We adapt to a wide range of go-to-market models and harness our geographic presence, size and scale to flex up and down as your business needs require.

  • Shyft serves as an outsourced warehousing and logistics service provider — we don’t buy or own your product inventory. This model offers elasticity in your operations using our world-class logistics, systems and processes while you maintain other core functions, such as inventory management.

  • The fulfillment model offers a repeatable and consistent customer experience, accelerated cash cycle time and superior order cycle time. Shyft manages order taking, warehousing, inbound and outbound logistics, credit and collections while you maintain a direct sales relationship and continue to manage your selected price points. Financial benefits of a fulfillment model can include reduced back-office expenses and increased operating capital.

  • In a hybrid model, Shyft becomes as much or as little of an extension of your operations as you need. You get to take advantage of a 3PL model for a subset of your enterprise or direct customers, or fulfillment for a closed network of customers, like a dealer network or other longtail customer base. The entire inventory is consigned, allowing you to use one pool of inventory to execute multiple go-to-market strategies.

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Custom Solutions Driven by Best Practices

Four-plus decades of distribution experience and a team of highly skilled supply chain management experts allow Shyft to fully optimize your supply chain with best-in-class tools, processes and metrics. We assess the environment to determine which solution is most effective, ensure regulatory compliance, inspect for quality and optimize storage.

  • We evaluate your strategic organizational objectives to understand what your future-state operating plan is intended to be, and then we reverse engineer a program designed to meet those goals by delivering a S.M.A.R.T. solution that will get you there. We also look at your geographic needs to suggest the best location(s) within our network of facilities. Lastly, we assess your freight and transportation costs to determine how our carrier-agnostic network of transportation partners will add value.

  • Our formal Corporate Regulatory Compliance Department aids your business from potentially incurring regulatory and tax fines and other penalties. We ensure your products are distributed in a manner that is compliant with the relevant local import/export regulations, as well as dangerous goods/hazardous materials and money laundering laws. Our team boasts experts in local, national and international regulations.

  • Through our numerous global ISO certifications, our rigorous quality assurance process improves customer satisfaction and mitigates shrinkage and other unnecessary costs. Our inspection process assesses for shortages, damages and incorrect products. We pride ourselves on continually operating at or above the best-in-class standards for inventory shrink management and loss and damage allocations.

  • Optimal storage saves you time and money while also protecting your inventory. In order to offer efficient and collaborative inventory management practices, our assessment of your operations focuses on optimization without negatively impacting receiving, storing, picking, packing and shipping.

  • Our global supply chain management team members are experts in their fields. Most are trained in both sales and operations, and many hold APICS certifications or are certified project managers. Others on our team have supply chain management degrees, Lean Six Sigma certifications and/or training in advanced modeling and analytics.

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Reducing Global Supply Chain Complexity

Evolving your global supply chain model should mean simplifying — not complicating — processes and operations. Shyft can manage your dealer and customer community, reducing the need for administration. We can also assume order taking, invoicing, purchasing, planning and daily customer interaction. This administration and SG&A reduction frees up your resources to focus on your core differentiators and reduces transactional tasks associated with taking orders — ultimately producing a more consistent customer experience without increasing costs.

  • With team members and supply chain experts available globally, we already have operations established wherever you and your customers are. Our global systems and tools allow us to more easily reach your customers and efficiently work with your team.

  • Supported by our robust Transportation Management System (TMS), our carrier-agnostic shipping processes allow us to assess carrier performance and availability and select the most efficient and affordable carrier for your needs. We conduct a consolidated volume analysis, measure quality and claims reporting and develop metrics on all carrier partners. This consistent monitoring allows us to ensure our carrier partners meet your service-level agreements.

  • Simplify your operations with a single technology partner. Shyft's end-to-end lifecycle management services mean we can support you at every stage of your product's lifecycle. Our comprehensive solutions include system and storage configuration and integration, IT asset disposition and everything in between.

  • Evolving your global supply chain model should mean simplifying — not complicating — processes and operations. Shyft can manage your dealer and customer community, reducing the need for administration. We can also assume order taking, invoicing, purchasing, planning and daily customer interaction. This administration and SG&A reduction frees up your resources to focus on your core differentiators and reduces transactional tasks associated with taking orders — ultimately producing a more consistent customer experience without increasing costs. 

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