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As your products make their way through the technology lifecycle, disruptors make the global technology market more competitive every minute. But keeping up and growing your business doesn’t have to come with growing pains. Outsourcing your technology lifecycle services to Shyft Global Services gives you the freedom you need to reshape your business model and reinvest in growth, digital transformation and innovation — all while seamlessly supporting customers.


Outpace the competition and move forward confidently with a partnership designed to evolve — it’s time to make the shift to an outsourced service model. Partnering with Shyft enables you to:

outsource services

Outsource the Easy Way

Savor the simplicity of a single service provider with proven global IT services delivery expertise

expert service engineers

Tap Into Expertise

Support more customers by relying on our well-established infrastructure and purposeful network

brand loyalty

Boost Your Brand

Serve your customers with excellence and sharpen your competitive edge with white-label service delivery

dedicated services experts

Laser-Focus Your Team

Reclaim resources to invest back into innovation by leveraging our full portfolio of technology services

reduce business risk

Mitigate Business Risk

Reduce unnecessary liability — scalability and flexibility means we take on certain risks so you don't have to

customized services solution

Tailor the Right Mix

Offer a seamless customer experience with custom IT solutions built to your unique business needs

Lifecycle Management: Rethink the Possibilities of Your Product’s Lifecycle

Creating great products isn’t enough. You need to consider every touch point throughout the channel and the product lifecycle. No matter where you start or where you’re trying to go, we configure our product and customer lifecycle management services to drive the outcomes you expect — anywhere in the world. Redefine your transformation journey by unlocking the resources that currently support your legacy business so you can move faster toward your destination. If you think you’ve reached the limits of what’s possible, think again.

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Existing Infrastructure: Seamlessly Offload Existing Operations

Today’s pace of change requires continued investment in research and development, but fixed costs, expensive infrastructure and legacy operation expenses limit transformation investment. Your focus should be on the road ahead, not existing operational burdens. Shyft can support as much or as little of your product and customer lifecycle management services as you need, ultimately helping your teams drive even greater value for your customers.




New Operations: Enhance Your Customer Experience With Full Solutions

The competition is only getting stronger. Quickly implement and launch critical lifecycle management services by leveraging Shyft’s expertise, scale and global infrastructure. That means you get to focus on what you do best — creating great products and getting them to market quickly — and we’ll handle the rest. Entrusting all or part of your end-to-end product and customer lifecycle management services to Shyft gives you new ways to release capital from your business and accelerate transformation — if you think you need to do it all, think again.

Create Your Transformation Roadmap


"We had two guiding objectives when entering this agreement: To find a great company to care for our employees and to secure a great partner to care for our clients. I am delighted we met both objectives. We chose Tech Data* because of the company's exceptional capabilities, reputation and values, which are similar to ours."

–Yoshihiro Nishi
President and CEO, Fujitsu America, Inc.


Shyft Your Business Forward

The game has changed. You need a new category of technology partner — beyond product distribution — to handle the end-to-end product and customer lifecycle services you can’t or no longer want to handle yourself. Partnering with Shyft enables technology companies like yours to more easily and effectively invest in and accelerate your growth, innovation and business transformation — all while maintaining an exceptional customer experience and enhancing brand preference.


Shyft is committed to delivering a comprehensive portfolio of global service offerings, including supply chain management, integration, deployment, maintenance and support, repair, IT asset disposition and customer management. Start funding your reimagined strategies for tomorrow.

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*Tech Data Global Lifecycle Management (GLM) is now Shyft Global Services