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Global Customer Management Services

One-Stop, Cost-Effective Customer Management Solutions 

As market demands continue to evolve, managing your customer experience effectively is more critical than ever to retaining customers and revenue.

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Support ecosystem

Support Your Ecosystem Every Step of the Way

Full lifecycle management requires more than recruiting partners and making new sales. Capture additional revenue and expansion opportunities by leveraging Shyft Global Services’ multilingual staff to provide customized, cost-effective customer management solutions.

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Accelerated Revenue Growth

Expand your customer portfolio and grow revenue through a seamless solution that delivers greater ROI.

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Process Optimization

Reduce operational complexity with a partner that optimizes and manages outsourced processes.

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Customer Engagement

Preserve brand reputation and loyalty while increasing satisfaction with the best possible experience.

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Business Intelligence

Improve business decision–making processes and derive actionable insights supported by analytics.

Customer Management Service Capabilities

  • Customer Management Service Capabilities

Sales and Operations

Grow your revenue, expand your business, transform your channel and optimize back-office processes through multi-segment capabilities and seamless partner management, pipeline generation and sales and operations support. Outsourcing empowers your team to streamline operational processes, strengthen your brand and deliver an optimized customer experience. Whether it’s recruiting and enabling partners, developing revenue strategies, identifying growth opportunities or creating campaigns to drive customer awareness and retention, we help you expand your pipeline and confidently bring your products to markets around the world. Sales and operations capabilities include:

  • Partner acquisition, activation and enablement
  • Pipeline generation
  • Account management
  • Sales call center
  • Upselling and cross-selling activities
  • Renewals management
  • Customer service management
  • Facilities and vendor management
  • Data and transaction management
  • Back-office processes
  • Reporting
  • B2B lead generation (MQL, SQL, premium leads)
  • Research
  • Prospecting
  • Appointment setting
  • Lead qualification
  • Data cleansing

Customer Success 

When your end users are informed, supported and successfully using your products to meet their business objectives, your business reaches a new velocity for continued success. We’ll create a first-class experience to determine your customers’ objectives and help them achieve their business outcomes. Using a shared philosophy approach, we’ll integrate seamlessly with your team to execute your mission. Customer success capabilities include:

  • Post-sale engagement
  • Product and customer engagement
  • Product utilization
  • Concierge support
  • Omnichannel support
  • Quoting and order placement
  • Incentives and sales campaigns 
  • Relationship management
  • Email management
  • Invoicing and claims
  • Record maintenance and auditing
  • Satisfaction evaluation
  • Upselling activities


Strengthen your financial services with Shyft’s expertise and support in billing and invoicing, collections processes, audits operations and more — all while balancing your workload, increasing customer trust and reducing unnecessary risk. Financing capabilities include:

  • Quoting
  • Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Collections
  • Audits
  • Risk analysis
  • Product and license compliance
  • Service consumption tracking


Struggling to scale your dedicated technical coverage model? From pre/post-sales technical support to driving solution selling — and everything in between — you can leverage Shyft’s customer management services to augment your engineer staffing strategy. Throughout the hiring process, we engage and work closely with your business stakeholders to fully understand your company culture, processes, service level agreements and key performance indicators. Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Highly prepared engineers
  • Systems engineering
  • Sales engineering
  • Networking engineering
  • Technical subject matter expertise
  • Talent retention and development
  • Complex solution development
  • Multilingual expertise
  • Basic/mid-level configurations support
  • Full operational controls and feature support
  • Technical and professional support for sales representatives, customers and resellers
  • Bills of material (BOMs)
  • Issue detection, analysis and solution
  • Essential troubleshooting
  • Technical issue escalation
  • CSAT, workforce and reporting management

Business Intelligence

Each customer interaction represents a valuable opportunity for ongoing engagement, traction and revenue retention — as long as you have a full-picture understanding of those interactions. Collecting valuable data, analyzing results efficiently and using actionable business insights enable your teams to make better informed, data-driven decisions and implement strategic and efficient solutions with clearer visibility into key metrics and data. Business intelligence capabilities include:

  • Essential business analytics
  • Regional behavior
  • Market analysis
  • Diagnostic analysis
  • Automation and reporting
  • Dashboards implementation

IT Training

According to TSIA, 68% of professionals are more likely to use a product if they have sufficient training. Entrust Shyft to scale your existing education programs or work with you to develop new ones, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your business. Our customer management services teams can educate, enable and empower your customers, channel partners, end users and employees to drive success across your entire ecosystem. IT training capabilities include:

  • Employee training and certification
  • Sales team enablement
  • Development programs
  • Technical skills enablement
  • Product training for resellers, customers and/or end users
  • Sales and campaign trainings
  • Program management and reporting

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Reinvent Your Customer Management Services Strategy 

Today’s rapidly transforming, global business environment has created challenges for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As markets expand and change, opportunities for revenue can go unnoticed or untapped. Partnering with Shyft can reap new opportunities for customers who infrequently or no longer make purchases, untapped renewals, un-profiled partners and unmanaged spaces such as long-tail inactive partners, non-managed partners and untouched prospects.

Preserve and Expand Your Revenue 

Customer success leads to long-lasting customer relationships, and ultimately, more revenue for your business. Shyft delivers decades of IT product management and customer success expertise on top of proven business processes and best-in-class tools to maximize your customer lifecycle opportunities. You’ll retain more customers, expand relationships and capture new opportunities, resulting in greater market expansion and higher revenues for your company.

  • Research suggests that recommendations from acquaintances and direct consumer opinions are the most trusted forms of advertising. Customers talk, and those who reap targeted business value from your products become brand advocates who can bring net-new customers to your business. Shyft seizes opportunities to acquire new clients by leveraging your brand advocates who emphasize your product value and exceptional customer experiences.

  • Your customers need to land, adopt, expand and renew business every day, and they rely on your products to get the job done. If they have unresolved issues with your technology or aren’t realizing the full value of their purchases, they could move on to new solutions. Shyft reduces the risk of customer churn by continually monitoring customer engagement with your solutions. By interacting at regular touchpoints with the customer throughout the entire lifecycle, we anticipate and address their needs to resolve issues and prevent significant negative impacts.

  • Nearly every company has one goal in common: Growth. Your existing customer base represents a wealth of new revenue opportunity. Shyft expands your existing revenue streams by identifying and capturing new sales opportunities with existing customers, including upgrades, upsells, cross-sells and new support services.

  • Shyft streamlines your renewal process and manages your existing customer base to secure renewals so that they’re on time and as predictable as possible.

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Drive Advocacy and Engagement

Studies show that customer experience is a leading enabler of revenue generation and retention. Loyal customers result from great solutions and positive customer experiences. Our team engages with your customers throughout the entire lifecycle with a consistent approach that builds and retains revenue while creating loyal brand advocates who use and champion your brand.

  • According to a survey from CompTIA, insufficient pre- and post-sales support is the second largest reason a reseller drops a vendor partner program. Keep partners active and engaged in your program with data-driven strategies that leverage deep analysis of proven partner satisfaction indicators. Once we’ve brought the right partners to your brand, we ensure they are successfully onboarded so they can succeed from the start. Then, we monitor their ongoing sales and achievements and stay engaged with their progress so they’re enabled throughout every deal. 

    Additionally, your partners will have a clear escalation path and process to resolve any disputes quickly and efficiently. Whether they have a question about your products or your partner program, your resellers will reach a support representative that acts as part of your company, providing expert guidance and reliable support.

  • Your customers want a personal experience from a vendor that cares about their overall business success. Make your purchase and renewal processes easy, timely and convenient for your customers with simplified engagement models built from proven methodologies and executed by Shyft's expert team. Renewal services require a white-glove service that goes beyond reselling to providing a seamless experience and keeping customers engaged with your brand. Our renewals team is dedicated to the ongoing success of your customers, helping them build solutions that solve challenges and drive innovation on a foundation of their favorite products — yours.

  • We act as the support arm of your company to give your customers increased confidence in your products with expert insight, guidance and solutions. With Shyft’s L1 and L2 support services, your customers have clearly-defined escalation paths to resolve issues quickly so they can spend more time generating successful business outcomes with your products.

  • Training provides a significant level of value, but it takes preparation, tools and a substantial staff to provide effective training services. As your training arm, Shyft gains a deep understanding of your products and leverages industry-leading tools, knowledge and databases to enable your customers to meet their objectives with your products. And channel partner training helps your resellers win more deals, generate opportunities and earn more with onboarding concierge services and insightful training sessions that showcase the value of your partner program. 

  • The voice of your entire ecosystem — especially your customers — is the best measure for the success of your products, so it’s important to know where you stand with them. We provide valuable insights and feedback garnered through surveys and customer touchpoints that can help you assess at-risk situations and respond proactively. You’ll minimize the possibility of lost revenue, and you’ll increase satisfaction while making each customer feel valued by your company. We also can gather helpful information about the reseller experience and help you leverage that feedback to inform your ongoing strategy and fuel improvements that bring even more valuable partners to your program.

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Inform Your Strategy With Data, Insights and Analytics

Greater visibility across revenue streams allows you to prioritize efforts and put resources toward the areas with the most impact. Shyft uses industry best practices to provide visibility into your entire channel ecosystem, available renewal opportunities and interactions between your customers and your technology. Our data experts continually monitor customer success to deliver analytics-driven reports and actionable recommendations. We take the guesswork out of your customer management strategy with thoughtful data collection, analysis and reporting of performance metrics so you can make timely and informed business decisions.

  • Business intelligence is fuel for growth. Our in-house business intelligence (BI) unit provides automation, reporting and analytics tools and services for our missions, providing clear visibility into when and where the results are happening. Choose from standard templates or take advantage of customized reporting that delivers the data that’s important to your business. Our BI unit identifies challenges and opportunities and works directly with your business to provide live feedback, reducing risk and maximizing opportunity and productivity.

  • Knowing where you’ve been can help lay the foundation for where you are headed, but only if you have a clear and complete picture. We keep track of your sales history, market position, customer metrics, reseller engagement and more, and we compare it against data-fueled best practices. We can help you analyze diagnostics, refine the sales strategy, focus efforts toward successful practices and even enable new sales approaches that capitalize on the latest trends.

  • The measure of customer success ultimately serves your larger business objectives. Shyft keeps your mission at the forefront of performance tracking and analysis. We track and analyze the effectiveness of your products against relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), and we continually fine-tune your customer success and partner engagement strategies to grow your business and channel in accordance with your business strategies and objectives.

  • Your Shyft dashboards give you access to instant, comprehensive and continuous visibility on your customer success and channel partner program efforts. We use multiple inputs and reporting tools to configure your dashboards to fit your needs, and we can provide any level of detail you need to remain informed and updated.

  • With data-driven dashboards, you can analyze your pipeline from multiple angles, including by region, closing probability, distributor, segments, product lines and more, allowing you to find what’s working and focus your efforts. We provide the dashboards and can help you monitor sales and target opportunities. Your dedicated customer management team members will gain a greater understanding of seller performance so they can tune their efforts. And with the clear pictures your dashboards provide, our team helps your resellers improve coordination with end users to maximize resell and renewal opportunities.


Strategic Customer Management for Simplified Operations

Backed by decades of industry experience and expertise, Shyft learns the ins and outs of your business and complements your customer management strategy to boost revenue, continually drive customer advocacy and optimize your channel programs for greater market expansion. With proven processes and best-in-class tools, your customer management team optimizes your sales processes, contract renewals, partner programs, customer service processes and training and education to maximize productivity and minimize operational complexity.

  • As with any initiative, efficient project management is key to the timely execution of the mission, meeting expected milestones and deadlines. Our dedicated project managers drive a clear understanding of the mission's components, ensuring everyone involved comprehends their role and contribution. They are responsible for facilitating clear communication and engagement between service providers, internal teams and stakeholders to make sure mission objectives are understood and supported by all parties.

  • Your business has objectives that are as unique as your products. Our team uses your mission and goals to gain a firm understanding of your business, your technology, your customers, your channel and your ecosystem. We start by conducting a comprehensive business assessment to help identify operational gaps, inefficiencies and areas with potential for improvement. This assessment results in data-driven insights that lead to making better-informed decisions regarding resource allocation, process improvements and strategic planning. And revealing potential risks or vulnerabilities earlier on allows for proactive measures to be taken to mitigate them.

  • Simply put, our results are your business, so your business is our commitment. Business process mapping sessions help our team visualize and understand your current workflows and processes as well as identify bottlenecks, redundancies and areas ripe for improvement. These sessions help facilitate the standardization of processes across teams to ensure consistency and efficiency in operations. Involving and collaborating with relevant stakeholders in mapping sessions fosters a shared understanding of how different processes interconnect.

  • Operational consistency — especially with changes in personnel or business growth — starts with process documentation. Our documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) serve as valuable resources for training new employees, helping to reduce onboarding time and ensuring they understand the established best practices. SOPs also aid in compliance adherence and quality assurance by outlining the proper protocols and standards to be followed per your organization’s standards.

  • Mutual success is based on continuously analyzing our internal operations and running growth and development plans for our missions and our people. Continuous improvement encourages adaptation to market changes and technological advancements while fostering innovation and a culture of optimization, allowing our company — and yours — to refine processes, eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs over time. We’re here to help you elevate your program while continually monitoring, reassessing and tailoring your customer management solution to your fit your operational model and maximize your outcomes.

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Achieve Greater Market Reach With Less Effort

Focus your precious resources on your most strategic initiatives and let Shyft do the rest. Our global operations, channel agnosticism, end-to-end solutions and dedication to lifecycle management allow you to achieve greater business outcomes with a single technology partner. With the reduction in administration and SG&A, you can focus your attention on your most strategic initiatives while providing a streamlined experience that your partners and customers will appreciate and trust.

  • Today’s business world is global, and you may have opportunities outside your current areas of operation. Whether you’re already a global supplier or want to expand into new geographic locations, we can help you achieve your global ambitions. Our multilingual team and international IT distribution business units understand how to conduct business on a worldwide platform. And as an extension of your brand and team, we are agnostic, leveraging whichever distributor will best meet the unique needs of your partner community.

  • As an extension of your company, products and brand, our customer management services ensure seamless integration and synchronization of all your business objectives, including customer success. We drive success into every aspect of the customer journey, from managing your customer onboarding to ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction to every step in between. We help you maintain, grow and expand your business and channel using proven techniques and tools, data-driven analysis and personable and informative engagements that stay true to your business strategies to keep you moving forward.

  • Today’s business world is global, and you may be missing out on potential revenue streams that are outside of your surrounding geolocation if you don’t have a multilingual team. Your Shyft customer management team can engage with partners and customers in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German, with additional languages are available upon request.

  • No two businesses operate the same way, nor do they have the same goals. That’s why your Shyft team is comprised of OEM-specific resources that are 100% dedicated to your mission — not shared between other customers. While we offer end-to-end customer lifecycle management, your program is scalable and tailored to your needs, and you pay for only the services you use. Your dedicated customer management team works seamlessly with your business, presenting a unified face to your partners and customers using your brand, logos and unique voice.

  • License misuse is a potential source of lost revenue that can be easily overlooked and difficult to uncover. Mitigate the risk of software non-compliance with our risk assessments and customer audits, and recapture revenue through additional licenses and continual monitoring.


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