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When outsourcing technology services, you need a partner you can trust like your own team. Our experts dive deep to understand your challenges and goals, and then design the just-right services solution you need to take your business to the next level.

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A Listen-First, Customer-Centric Approach to Outsourcing

Viewing business transformation as a one-size-fits-all process could be overwhelming, as it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing for all companies. Shyft Global Services takes a highly collaborative approach to technology services outsourcing using proven new project introduction methodologies managed by tenured, experienced program management professionals to drive the outcomes you and your customers expect — anywhere in the world.

Our Approach to Outsourced Technology Services

We tailor our outsourcing approach depending on the specific service area, industry needs and your goals. But no matter your industry, company type/size or the destination on your transformation journey, the limit for future growth doesn’t exist when you partner with Shyft, as we leverage most or all of the following key steps to initiate, execute and monitor your custom services solution:

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1. Listen and Learn

The early planning stage includes goals and needs sharing, as well as exploration of any small setbacks and major roadblocks that may be holding your business back from focusing on innovation. We work closely with you during requirements workshops to understand your business processes and develop a strategy to migrate your service operations to Shyft.

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2. Design and Develop

Based on our understanding of your business, our team formulates a custom-tailored services solution that marries relevant systems, processes, resources, training, tools and analytics for optimal results. This stage may include defining the business model and pricing, establishing SLAs and KPIs, contract initiation and preparing for system integration(s).

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3. Configure and Test

The testing stage is essential to ensuring our services solution aligns to your unique business needs. Our product lifecycle solutions typically include unit testing, integration testing and UAT to determine readiness. Our customer management solutions are typically launched as small pilots and then developed into larger-scale programs based on pilot results. 

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4. Onboard and Implement

Throughout the onboarding process, we work in concert with you to develop optimal reporting matrices, methods and frequency to ensure the most relevant information for program delivery is available. Transition planning, resource alignment, expert support and regular touchpoints help to ensure seamless implementation of your new solution.

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5. Maintain and Assess

Our New Program Implementation team actively manages day-to-day activities and eventually transfers operations to our Solution Delivery team once all parties have determined the operation is fully transitioned to Shyft. We regularly review results and data to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your solution and identify areas for further improvement.

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6. Adapt and Expand

Flex operating procedures related to launches, recalls, peak seasons, etc. are part of our daily practices. Regular joint planning and forecasting calls help ensure that we are collectively planning for ramp-up needs well before the capacity is required. We’re also prepared to accommodate growth and scale through our global footprint and vast logistics network.

Cohesity Outsourcing installation implementation services quote

Installation and Implementation Case Study: Cohesity

Cohesity wanted to stay focused on its core business of software development while also offering a complete solution, including hardware and professional services.​ The company chose to partner with Shyft to deliver white-labeled OEM installation services globally, which saved Cohesity and its partners from having to invest in their own services infrastructure. ​

“Cohesity will continue to partner with Shyft to help us augment, scale and deliver the outcomes that our customers want and need. They have been a very good partner and helped us deliver for our customers globally.”
James Curtice
Senior Director of Advanced Services, Cohesity
Extreme Networks Improved onboarding customer experience renewals quote

Customer Management Case Study: Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks needed to gauge the use of its software by customers and increase its focus on cloud subscription renewals, particularly with smaller accounts. ​Shyft served as a white-label extension of the Extreme Networks team to gather key customer information and provide insights that led to improvements in the customer onboarding process, renewals and more.  ​

“Three things that really make our partnership with Shyft work are the flexibility, the language support and the cost effectiveness. The quality of the data our Shyft team has gathered has only improved over the course of our engagements. And the team can quickly adjust course to stay aligned to our evolving business needs, which I really appreciate.”
Rob Rosa
Senior Vice President, Global Service Sales, Extreme Networks
10 AHEAD Decade rapid growth quote

Integration and Deployment Case Study: AHEAD

AHEAD was rapidly growing and transitioning its business from a data center focus to strategic consulting and managed services, but lacked the infrastructure and scale to support this accelerated transformation.​ Shyft’s capabilities, facility and maturity around building the integrated solutions meant AHEAD could still offer integration and deployment services without having to develop them in-house.​ 

“AHEAD’s partnership with Shyft has helped us grow our business and expand into areas we wouldn’t have been able to grow into organically. Throughout our partnership, Shyft has been incredibly flexible and helpful and just willing to do whatever it takes to service the customer.”
Travis Kelley
Client Solutions Architect, AHEAD

"Customers want to work with companies that can provide a unified, integrated experience with a single point of accountability and responsibility."

—J.B. Wood, President and CEO, TSIA

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