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Integration Services

Scale Quickly and Accelerate Value Realization

Shyft Global Services helps you deliver custom-tailored solutions — everything from end-point devices to complex rack-mounted systems designed specifically for your customers.

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Increase Profitability With Integration Services

Customers expect to receive solutions that are plug-in ready so they can get into production quickly, which means that delivering products completely configured, customized and tested is paramount. 

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Maximized Value

Help your customers realize the value from their technology purchases faster.

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Quicker Time to Market

Improve cash flow by getting your products to more markets more quickly.

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Increased Capacity

Free up space by taking advantage of our strategically located facilities.

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Fixed to Variable Costs

Change fixed costs to variable costs and release capital for reinvestment.

Integration Service Capabilities

  • Integration Service Capabilities

Product Design 

The best solution is only as good as its design. Our certified engineers take your product concept and bring it to life within a single location.

  • Architect solution
  • First article build

Complex Converged Assembly

Building the full picture goes beyond integration services. Our technical experts integrate, configure and customize OEM technologies using a globally standardized production methodology to make sure that every build is constructed to the right specifications every time.

  • Design validation
  • Build to order (BTO) — blades, chassis and servers
  • Rack assembly
  • Routers, switches and wireless integration
  • Load custom imaging, applications and OS
  • Cable management
  • Customization
  • Spare parts management
  • Forward logistics

Endpoint Device Configuration

For user devices that attach to the network, Shyft can configure technologies in high quantities to exact specifications that arrive plug-in ready.

  • BIOS and firmware updates
  • Hardware and software installation
  • Validation testing
  • Imaging
  • Device enrollment
  • Complex wireless network prep
  • Customization
  • Customer-specific media duplication

Customization Options

The right final touch can make all the difference. Put the finishing touches on any technology solution with Shyft’s customization services, including:

  • Laser etching/marking
  • Asset tagging/serialization
  • Labels and tags
    • UID
    • RFID
    • Shipping
  • Finish options
  • Packaging
  • Overpacking
  • Kitting and accessory management

Project Management

Bring together complex technologies with customized support from Shyft’s multi-platform–certified engineering experts. A single point of contact will manage your most complex projects every step of the way, providing:

  • Pre-engineering support
  • ECR analysis and action plans
  • SLA management and targeting
  • Complex order management
  • Training
  • Project reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Forecasting

Test Environment and Prototyping

Before customers invest in your technology, enable them to test it either in our demo centers or in their own ecosystem to make sure it’s the right fit. Our facilities host OEM technology and training to ensure customers are confident in their purchase.

  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Demo locations
  • Hosted customer-specific VM
  • Product training

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Reinvent Your Integration Services Strategy

Companies that specialize in software alone carry a higher profit margin than companies focused on both software and hardware, because the latter often results in financial drag. With Shyft managing your hardware integrations, configurations and customizations, you can focus on sustaining software profitability.

Maintaining a High Level of Customer Service

Optimizing logistics, simplifying operations and scaling configuration capabilities by outsourcing integration services helps you deliver complex solutions more quickly to end users and maintain a great customer experience at the same time.

  • From the quality of technology produced to the efficiencies stacked behind it, we keep to our standard three- to five-day SLA turnaround for complex solutions so your customers receive their equipment and product sooner.

  • Reduce lead time and increase customer satisfaction with our hassle-free pre-racked, pre-integrated, advanced solutions. When you build to order (BTO), your inventory lives in our facilities, and we help you accelerate processing, building and delivery times with our world-class logistics solutions.

  • Bridge the technology training gap with our training resources. Our expert consultants can become an extension of your technical training program by instructing your customers’ engineers on a specific, complex build across multi-vendor platforms. We’ll work with you to develop an education solution completely tailored to fit your needs.

  • Customers expect plug-in ready solutions — and the true value of the systems you sell is fully realized only with the right peripherals and accessories, and when other hardware and software is integrated. Shyft can customize any project to meet the needs of your customers.

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Tools and Systems

It's your technology. Shouldn’t you see where it is every step of the way? Shyft’s reporting tools and systems give you access to real-time reports on all of your assets. You have the ability to pull advanced reporting on any of your complex integrated solutions — or any of your configured endpoint devices — whenever you need it.

  • We can provide VPN access so your engineers can remote into the system and custom configure an order. We create a secure partition so your engineers can play in a sandbox environment and show your end customers how the product actually works.

  • Pull detailed product reports and analytics on any material at any stage of your integration or on your endpoint devices during the configuration and customization process. Shyft also retains historical customer data, making it easy to pull up past information for comparison.

  • Our inventory management software allows us to quickly stock and retrieve hardware for customer shipments and customer build projects. This service also helps us maximize our storage space so we can keep more of your hardware on hand.

  • Shyft delivers tracking of the integration project through all phases, including allocation, inbound, integration, outbound, shipping and so on. Our technicians access the build instructions associated with the project through the system, and any questions or issues are logged for engineers to review.

  • Our BOM tool is integrated with our other products and manages SKU’d hardware required for our builds.

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Expertise With Benchmarking

Ensure that your technology is designed, integrated, configured, customized and deployed to the highest quality possible with Shyft. Our global assembly facilities are maintained to numerous industry certifications and feature more than 150 workbenches and more than 80 engineers to handle your IT assets.

  • Having certified engineers across multiple OEM technologies allows you to integrate across multiple platforms. Our technical team holds more than 2,500 industry-recognized certifications with numerous vendor partners, including Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Toshiba.

  • From simple deployment validation to converged infrastructure concerns to the truly complex world of product design, Shyft can take your technology concept and bring it to life. Our engineers focus on product quality, consistency and scalability to help you grow your business.

  • Shyft’s integration centers are located within our secure logistics centers and are managed by onsite security professionals 24x7x365. With CCTV cameras monitoring the inside of our facilities and an eight-foot perimeter fence along the exterior (among additional security measures), your customers get state-of-the-art security for their solutions.

  • Our integration facilities feature homegrown tools that ensure consistent quality and robust reporting to improve processes and track corrective or preventive actions. Shyft’s tools are uniform, which allows us to share best practices, BOMs and build instructions across global facilities at the push of a button.

  • Shyft’s global facilities hold several ISO certifications. Our dedicated and skilled professional teams use quality controls and rigorous testing standards to ensure quality at every step and has enabled error-free production yields of greater than 99.5%.


Reduce Complexity With a Single Provider

Reduce operational complexities with Shyft’s unique combination of integration, configuration and customization services. From our state-of-the-art integration and logistics facility to the comprehensive breadth and depth of our services, expertise and capabilities, we deliver the highest value that your business needs to succeed.

  • Your customers need their technology properly integrated and shipped on time so it is ready to plug in and go as soon as it arrives. With Shyft’s global footprint, your customers’ technology can be dispatched when it’s needed from any one of our facilities.

  • Take advantage of a converged infrastructure with multiple services on just one solution-level quote and invoice. One team will handle your entire experience, so you’re interfacing with the same experienced team members for all of your needs.

  • Every customer has a different expectation for their product sourcing and delivery. We work with multiple distributors to get your product to your customers — however, wherever and whenever they want it.

  • Stay aligned with your channel without having to juggle multiple resellers by letting Shyft route your product to market within the channel. Take advantage of our extensive partnerships and experienced marketing and sales teams for marketing, messaging, enablement and more — all in one integrated solution.

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