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Outsourcing Partnerships Built for Success

Accelerate Your Transformation While Maintaining a Consistent Customer Experience

Just as every company is unique, so are its outsourcing needs and services strategy. But one similarity remains the same across organizations seeking to outsource: You want to ensure the customer experience is seamless and that your customers receive the same level of service quality — or even better — that they’ve come to expect from your organization.

Discover how companies of different sizes and industries around the globe are outsourcing services to reinforce their operations, refocus on business transformation and regain the freedom to drive better outcomes — for themselves and their customers.

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What Can Outsourcing Services Mean for Your Business?

Maintain Your Commitments While Simplifying Operations

When you outsource service operations, you’re trusting both your reputation and your customers’ outcomes to someone else, which means it’s essential that they can maintain service delivery quality, represent your company adequately and provide a seamless experience for your customers.

With the right outsourcing partner — who deservedly earns your trust — you can more efficiently uphold your commitment to your customers at a lower cost while also taking advantage of a renewed focus on your key business drivers and initiatives.

The Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Services

By extending or outsourcing your technology service capabilities to a single trusted partner, you regain resources, time and funds to dedicate to your core initiatives and innovation, ultimately boosting your competitive advantage. Depending which capabilities you entrust to a services partner, you can expect these 10 outsourcing benefits — and more:

  1. Extended global reach and scalability

  2. Increased supply chain flexibility

  3. Deeper network and relationships

  4. Expanded integration capacity

  5. A consistent customer experience

  6. Multi-vendor field service coverage

  7. More opportunities for revenue

  8. Circular economy support

  9. Enhanced brand experience and loyalty

  10. Freedom to focus on what matters most

Outsourcing technology services empowers you to reimagine where your business can go and how much sharper your focus on key digital transformation initiatives could be.

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Outsourcing services operations to a trusted partner truly empowers companies to transform the way they do business and invest their capital into developing the game-changing technologies the future needs — our team is here to help them do just that."

Larry Miller Senior Vice President, Shyft Global Services


Outsourcing Services and Expanding Partnership to Enable Business Transformation

The Fujitsu–Shyft Global Services relationship is a prime example of the opportunities an outsourced services partnership can generate. From newfound freedom to focus on business transformation to 99% field service coverage in the US and Canada to partnership expansion across Europe, the benefits to both companies and their customers are abundant.

Part 1: Fujitsu America, Inc.

Finding a New Home for Legacy Solutions and Workforce

Fujitsu America, Inc. decided to shift its business objectives and transition to focus exclusively on core digital offerings. In doing so, the company was moving away from selling platform products and retail solutions and therefore needed a new strategy for its Technical Maintenance Services (TMS) business, including multi-vendor Retail Managed Services and Product Related Services. They elicited a competitive request for proposal process to find a partner who could manage the TMS business while also ensuring continuity and a seamless experience for those customers.

The Seamless Transitioning of Resources and Services

Ultimately, Fujitsu America, Inc. selected Shyft as its sole outsource service provider for the TMS business, and thus began the transition of key integration services, multi-vendor field services and approximately 300 TMS service and support professionals to Shyft.

Additionally, as part of this agreement, Shyft acquired certain repair capabilities that Fujitsu had previously outsourced to a different company.

Consistent Experience and Increased Field Service Footprint

By transitioning the TMS business and leveraging Shyft as its single outsourcing partner, Fujitsu America, Inc. was able to:

Additionally, adding hundreds of TMS team members to the Shyft organization expanded Shyft’s field coverage to 99% of the US and Canada population, significantly increasing field coverage for customers in those regions. Having more technicians in more locations means Shyft customers benefit from faster response times to service requests, with same-day response in many areas.

Learn More About the Fujitsu America, Inc.–Shyft Partnership:

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We had two guiding objectives when entering this agreement: To find a great company to care for our employees and to secure a great partner to care for our clients. I am delighted we met both objectives. We chose Tech Data* because of the company’s exceptional capabilities, reputation and values, which are similar to ours.”

Yoshihiro Nishi President and CEO, Fujitsu America, Inc.

Take the complexity out of service delivery with high-quality technology deployment services built on decades of industry expertise.

Give customers the experience of exceptional multi-vendor maintenance services delivered by experts with extensive knowledge in top technology brands.

Serve your customers wherever they’re located with custom integration solutions that are aligned to both your needs and theirs.

Deliver upgrades sooner and build customer loyalty with agile repair services that cover the full spectrum of technology products.

Part 2: Fujitsu Denmark

The Obvious Choice for Outsourcing Services

Soon after the Shyft–Fujitsu America, Inc. relationship took off, the partnership expanded into Europe. Fujitsu Denmark wanted to increase its focus on growth in its primary business areas, including cloud, IT security and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. But key capital and management resources were already dedicated to other endeavors.

Naturally, seeing the success of the US and Canada agreement, the Fujitsu leaders in Denmark followed suit of their North American counterparts by outsourcing the Fujitsu Denmark TMS business to Shyft. Along with these field services, more than a dozen Denmark TMS professionals also transitioned to join the Shyft team.

Offering field services through an outsourced partner enabled Fujitsu Denmark to regain resources, time and energy to focus on its core business initiatives and strategic growth areas.

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Our field services are a natural part of Fujitsu's product portfolio, and we will continue to offer this delivery, but it is not a prerequisite that we carry out the activities ourselves. Tech Data* specializes in this area and we already have similar successful partnerships with them in other regions. I am very pleased that they were selected to provide our field services in the future. With this agreement, we hold on to our customers and are still the first point of contact, just as we will continue to be responsible for strategy, quality and the predictability of deliveries. Customers will experience the same high level of service, uptime and reliability that they are accustomed to when working with Fujitsu.”

Søren Rinnov Østergaard CEO, Fujitsu Denmark

Implement, install, migrate, maintain and support your technology on a global scale with multi-platform–trained technicians to keep your customers connected.


Sharp Electronics

Streamlined Supply Chain Solution Delivers Competitive Advantage and Enables Prioritization of Core Initiatives

Shift in Go-to-Market Strategy

From the first mass-produced mechanical pencil to cutting-edge devices for the home and office, Sharp Electronics has a strong history of engineering solutions that push the envelope of technological innovation. When the company needed to transform its go-to-market strategy, the leaders at Sharp knew they needed a partner with the right experience and expertise to help ease the transformation and continue putting the customer first — both end-users and Sharp’s dealer community.

A Partnership That Evolves With the Times

In addition to transforming its go-to-market strategy, Sharp’s initiative to find a partner was driven by other factors as well, including issues with lead time reliability and length​, limited ETA visibility and order status tracking​, damaged goods upon arrival and a lack of access to third-party IT products.

In 2014, Sharp started outsourcing its supply chain to Shyft Global Services utilizing Shyft’s 3PL supply chain model. The Shyft team was able to:

  • Reduce fulfillment management from three entities to one​
  • Increase warehouses from two to five
  • Improve geographic coverage
  • Simplify order status tracking

Today, as both companies continue to evolve Shyft provides a much broader portfolio of services to Sharp beyond 3PL supply chain operations, including Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and fulfillment services to Sharp’s network of over 400 dealers around the US.

Delivering a Simplified, Integrated Solution

By partnering with Shyft, Sharp was able to dedicate more resources to its core initiatives and drivers while also bringing together technologies and services across all platforms as a simplified, integrated solution for customers. On top of these benefits, Sharp has received awards from the Business Technology Association related to its distribution performance, product line performance and corporate support.


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It's really about putting total solutions together. And there was no scenario where Sharp could ever offer all of the solutions that Tech Data* has in its arsenal. So by allowing us to work through Tech Data*, we can create new systems, new integrations for our customers that were unavailable to them just a few years ago, and certainly unavailable to any of our competitors, because we can take a total solution with all the components of a system and put it together on one invoice out of Tech Data*. That's a huge competitive advantage.”

Mike Marusic President and CEO, Sharp

Strengthen your supply chain with strategically located secure warehousing, quality inventory management and a dedicated team that delivers operational efficiencies.


Extreme Networks

Outsourcing Customer Conversations to Improve Onboarding, Customer Experience and Subscription Renewals

Limits in Bandwidth and Budget Mean Limited Insights

From global enterprises and sports leagues to small towns and college campuses, Extreme Networks has a variety of customers whose networking needs can vary, but largely remain the same in the necessity of agility. Extreme knew customers were buying its software solutions, but due to bandwidth and budget limits, they didn’t know exactly how — or how much — customers were using the solutions. Additionally, Extreme wanted to increase its focus on cloud subscription renewals, particularly across smaller accounts.

Dedicated, White-Label Customer Management Services

Building on an existing distribution relationship with Tech Data**, Extreme engaged the customer management services team of Tech Data’s service organization, Shyft Global Services. Working as a white-label extension of Extreme, a dedicated Shyft team contacted Extreme customers to gather vital information about their onboarding and product experiences and also to educate them regarding key product features they were unfamiliar with.

Additionally, Shyft contacted smaller accounts and end users regarding cloud subscription renewals. The team helped Extreme uncover a gap in the renewal process that led to the launch of a new renewal automation portal, driving revenue retention efforts and preventing renewal quote issues.

Driving Customer Success Beyond the Sale

The rich information Shyft gathered from these customer conversations led to valuable insights that Extreme was able to feed back to its product marketing and product lifecycle management teams. This led to product adjustments based on customer feedback as well as improvements in customer onboarding and renewal processes. Extreme also created a dedicated customer success organization to provide additional support to customer experience initiatives and continue driving success beyond the sale.

Learn More About the Extreme Networks–Shyft Partnership:

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Three things that really make our partnership with GLM* work are the flexibility, the language support and the cost effectiveness. The quality of the data our GLM* team has gathered has only improved over the course of our engagements.”

Rob Rosa Senior Vice President, Global Service Sales, Extreme Networks

Capture every opportunity for customer engagement, product adoption and revenue retention with cost-effective customer management solutions.

Empower your end users with product information and expert support services so they can efficiently leverage your technology to meet their business goals.

Value-added revenue retention services enable you to maximize customer satisfaction, reduce churn and improve renewal cycles.



Outsourcing Installation and Implementation Services to Augment Portfolio and Scale Globally

Staying Focused on Core Business Initiatives

Thousands of customers around the world rely on the next-gen data management capabilities Cohesity offers to protect and simplify the management of their data. To stay focused on its core business of software development and innovation, Cohesity works with a robust partner ecosystem. And to offer a complete solution — including hardware and professional services — but to avoid investing in a large services infrastructure, the company needed a partner who could provide installation and implementation services globally.

Installation, Implementation, Maintenance and More

Cohesity leveraged Shyft Global Services to grow its footprint and scale services up or down. Cohesity partners with Shyft to deliver installation and implementation services globally and manage Cohesity’s advanced services and delivery capabilities to configure data protection services for customer workloads more quickly.

Shyft also provides onsite hardware maintenance services, including next-business-day and four-hour support options. Shyft’s 24x7x365 Global Technical Assistance Center manages cases and field resource deployment on a global scale as a white-label service.

In addition to professional services, Cohesity expanded its partnership with Shyft to offer a training and certification program to amplify the technology support offered throughout their ecosystem. The program enables the larger Cohesity partner community to install and configure Cohesity solutions and then put them into operation.

Increased Service Delivery Reach and Enhanced Partner Opportunities

Leveraging an outsourced service provider allows Cohesity to deliver on the support their customers expect while prioritizing internal resources toward product development and business growth. The partnership further enables Cohesity’s partners to establish or build their Cohesity practice and expand their global services reach.

Learn More About the Cohesity–Shyft Partnership:

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When we turn an installation over to Tech Data GLM*, we can trust that they’ll take it from start to closure successfully. They’ll handle any customer issues or requirements, and they’ll conduct a customer satisfaction survey so we know customers can put their Cohesity purchase to work right away. It’s just that simple.”

James Curtice Senior Director of Advanced Services, Cohesity

Facilitate quicker and smoother implementation of new technology in your customers’ environments with the all-important first step of effective installation.

Ensure a seamless implementation experience with a dedicated program management team experienced in the most complex of solutions and environments.

Employ Shyft’s highly trained experts to minimize business risk and give your customers the quality maintenance experience they deserve.

Increase your partners’ confidence in selling your technology with a custom-designed training and certification program.



Outsourcing Hardware Support to Enhance Software Solution While Supporting Holistic Customer Needs

Going Software-Centric in a Changing World

Silk (formerly known as Kaminario) was one of the first companies in the enterprise segment to add and deploy a software-defined model in addition to its hardware and other services. But selling hardware as a small company had its challenges, and Silk decided that to best meet evolving customer demands, it needed to move away from the hardware business and fully transform to a software-centric business model.

However, while their main focus was going to be software, they still wanted to provide a fully integrated solution — and to do so on a global scale — so they knew they’d need a strong partner they could trust like their own team to handle the hardware component of their business.

A Scalable Services Solution That Spans Regions

Silk needed a partner who had market presence, the right relationships with vendors, financial support and, of course, service capabilities — all of which they found in Shyft Global Services.

The partnership started as a hardware support model and blossomed into a full suite of global services, including supply chain management, integration, hardware installation and more, ultimately enabling Silk to provide an integrated solution to its customers across multiple platforms, capacities and global regions.

Operation Get Out of Hardware: A Liberating Experience

Partnering with Shyft enabled Silk to offer a simplified solution through a single provider and narrow its focus on software without disrupting the overall customer experience. Additionally, outsourcing led to expansion in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region for Silk and freed up capital expenditures (CapEx) to reinvest into pre-sales and marketing.

Silk’s CTO has called the company’s transition away from the hardware business a “liberating experience.” It enabled them to take a step back and realign with the needs and goals of their customers to then better serve them with the software data services they need.


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Getting out of the hardware business has been a liberating experience for Silk. It has allowed us to take a fresh look at what our customers need, how they are managing their data, and how we can best serve them. Moving the hardware supply chain, fulfillment, and break/fix functions to our partner, Tech Data*, has freed up a lot of time and capital to focus on the software data services, which has been excellent for us."

Source: Hosting Journalist

Derek Swanson CTO, Silk

Maintain your customers’ technology lifecycle needs with multi-vendor support programs built based on the best interests of you and your customers.

Make your goals a reality by utilizing a business-specific logistics solution that can scale up or down as your business requires.

Instantly scale your production capacity with an adept integration team that takes a whole lifecycle view and excels in areas where complexity is high.

Ensure your customers realize the fastest time to value from your technology solution with seamless, speedy installation capabilities.


Digital River

Trusted Partnerships Generate Game-Changing Solution for Original Equipment Manufacturer

Enhancing Back-End Solution on a Short Timeline

A leading consumer photography equipment OEM needed to replace its back-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with an enhanced, integrated solution to support its direct-to-consumer commerce channel. And they needed the solution up and running in three months or less. The OEM wanted to keep transition costs low, maintain its strong e-commerce web presence and improve financial operations such as payments, tax, compliance, fraud mitigation and accounting.

A Powerful Integrator-Services Partnership

Already having established partnerships with systems integrator Blue Acorn iCi and with Tech Data Global Lifecycle Management (GLM) for inventory management, logistics and more, the OEM trusted these partners to identify another partner who could fill in the remaining gaps. They selected global seller services provider Digital River as that third partner, creating a powerful partnership that afforded the OEM:

  • More flexibility
  • Accelerated implementation
  • An exceptional customer experience
  • A comprehensive end-to-end solution

Single Source for Global Direct-to-Consumer Selling

Further advancing the partnership, Digital River and Tech Data GLM worked together to offer a specialized customs brokerage program with a leading international transportation provider to support the OEM with certain operations outside of the US, which turned out to be just the beginning of Digital River and Tech Data GLM working together.

Today, the Tech Data GLM–Digital River alliance provides e-commerce clients a flexible operating model and dynamic opportunity with support for financial website transactions, an automated e-fulfillment process and more. Additionally, Digital River and Tech Data GLM can act as the merchant of record, manage certain transactions and handle stock and inventory. This strategic partnership releases budget, time and resources for e-commerce clients to hone in on product development, market penetration and their customer experience.

Learn More About the Digital River–Shyft Partnership:

Leverage an industry-leading suite of global supply chain capabilities to maintain adequate inventory levels, support every step of the transportation journey and offer an unmatched customer experience.

Reduce costs, improve visibility and forecasting, ease the buying experience and distinguish yourself from the competition with a customer-centric e-commerce solution that has it all.



Optimizing Integration and Logistics to Increase Product Availability and Configuration Flexibility

The Domino Effect of Long Lead Times

Data is invaluable in nearly every facet of business, a notion that Quantum is quite familiar with. The data storage and management company provides its customers with software, services and solutions that help them store, protect, manage and enrich their data so they can easily extract insights from it for decades to come.

Some of Quantum’s solutions are created using products from a specific original equipment manufacturer (OEM), but in buying directly from that OEM supplier, Quantum faced long lead times because of international shipping, which greatly impacted the customer experience. Additionally, Quantum faced challenges around revenue cycles, inventory management and forecasting product needs.

Delivering Solutions to Customers Faster

Quantum needed the product availability and integration capacity to configure and ship data management systems in a timely manner. Building upon a distribution partnership with Tech Data**, Quantum began partnering with the services side of the business: Shyft Global Services. Shyft had the agile processes, service capabilities and centralized and localized integration and logistics centers that Quantum needed to optimize its supply chain and get its systems to customers faster.

The Domino Effect of a Powerful Services Partnership

Shyft’s physical space and robust management systems helped Quantum attain faster build and ship times. Assembly lead times were slashed from three-plus months to only a matter of days. Quantum also benefited from better forecasting and inventory management, increased integration flexibility, more configuration capabilities, reverse logistics expansion and overall simplified operations — all while maintaining a great customer experience.

Learn More About the Quantum–Shyft Partnership:

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Tech Data* has been very instrumental in helping us implement new products, configuration options and permutations. We have about 300 bills of materials (BOMs) that Tech Data* ships today. We want to be able to sell whatever the customer wants, whenever the customer wants it. And I’m very pleased with Tech Data’s* ability to deliver on that goal."

Jeff Jeansonne Senior Manager, Business and Commodity Management, Supply Chain at Quantum

Increase delivery rates by getting your products to market quicker and more efficiently with scalable integration services.

Enhance your line of sight into where your technology is in the logistics process with a comprehensive global logistics solution.


CTG Federal

Outsourcing Integration Services to Streamline Operations and Increase Cost Efficiencies

Simplifying the Delivery of Next-Generation Solutions

For assistance with data center modernization, hybrid cloud implementation and cybersecurity, including zero-trust and next-generation, advanced enterprise networking, many US government agencies often turn to CTG Federal for each of these critical areas.

As an SBA-certified small business, CTG Federal specializes in designing and implementing next-generation solutions that work within customers’ existing data centers and help save time and money. But building and delivering fully integrated solutions to the end customer can be a lengthy and complex process, including managing multiple technology components from distinct vendors who each have unique supply chain and logistics processes. To simplify and streamline the solution integration process, CTG Federal opted to find an experienced partner.

Plug-In Ready Solutions With Multiple Components from Multiple Vendors

There are two ways to approach solution delivery: Either complete it prior to the installation or do everything entirely on site. Completing integration prior to onsite arrival means there’s less disruption at the installation site and that end customers can be up and running more quickly. To handle these integration needs — including multi-vendor solution assembly, pre-installation testing, pre-configuration and custom packaging — CTG Federal found a partner in Shyft Global Services. Shyft’s integration team helps CTG Federal scale the delivery of complete multi-vendor solutions that can be precisely tailored to customer needs.

Streamlined Integration, Increased Savings and Enhanced Focus on Solutions

By partnering with Shyft, CTG Federal streamlined solution integration, lowered overall operating costs and was able to stay focused on designing and fine-tuning solutions that solve complex challenges for its customers.

This approach to integration has been a successful one, as exemplified by CTG Federal’s well-deserved awards, including Cohesity’s Federal Partner of the Year award in 2021 and the NetApp Civilian Region Partner of the Year and Civilian Region Innovation awards in 2020. CTG Federal also earned a top-10 spot on Cisco’s Data Center Solutions Providers for US Federal. CTG Federal is listed on CRN’s Tech Elite 250 and has been a Great Place to Work–Certified™ employer for three years in a row.

Learn More About the CTG Federal–Shyft Partnership:

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We certainly knew about GLM’s* integration capabilities from the beginning, but we didn’t realize just how much we and our customers would value them when we started. With the volume and type of business we were doing, we began taking advantage of those capabilities within our first year in operation, with a healthy expansion year over year since that time. It’s a collaborative relationship; we have a partner we can rely on for the technology that our customers need, as well as services that scale to meet the growing demands and challenges our customers face.”

Brian Reynolds Co-founder and Managing Partner, CTG Federal

Streamline delivery, increase cost efficiencies and put the finishing touches on any technology solution with customization options and complete integration services.



The Right Integration and Deployment Services Partner Enables a Decade of Rapid Growth

Growth Uncovers Gaps in Resources and Infrastructure

AHEAD weaves together cloud infrastructure, intelligent operations and modern applications with the goal of helping enterprises navigate their digital transformation journeys. To get to where they are today, AHEAD’s business grew precipitously over the span of 15 years to offer more solutions and services to meet evolving customer demands. But that growth unveiled certain gaps in resources and infrastructure, which meant some solutions couldn’t scale as large and as quickly as AHEAD would have wanted.

Strategic Partnership Expansion to Include Services

AHEAD took on services in several areas and found partners to fulfill other areas where they didn’t have the depth. AHEAD’s relationship with Tech Data** began in 2010 as a distribution partnership, and then the management team decided to leverage Tech Data’s** services side of the business — Shyft Global Services — for integration and deployment services. The expansion came naturally, as Shyft already had the capabilities, footprint and experience in building the integrated solutions AHEAD wanted to offer its customers.

More Opportunity, Flexibility, Growth and Innovation

Today, AHEAD partners with Shyft for a variety of services for different customers, including plug-in ready pod stack integration, firmware updates, stocking based on forecasted needs, low-level configurations, custom packaging and much more.

Partnering with Shyft to offer integration and deployment services at scale has enabled AHEAD to continue growing, focus more on innovation and take advantage of increased flexibility, efficiency and expertise to serve its customers with excellence.

Learn More About the AHEAD–Shyft Partnership:

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AHEAD’s partnership with GLM* has helped us grow our business and expand into the areas that we wouldn't have been able to grow into organically. Throughout our partnership, GLM* has been incredibly flexible and helpful and just willing to do whatever it takes to service the customer.”

Travis Kelley Client Solutions Architect at AHEAD

Deliver plug-in ready solutions, minimize downtime and give your customers peace of mind with customizable integration services.

Free up resources and delight your customers with an exceptional deployment experience that fortifies their technology investments.

*Tech Data Global Lifecycle Management (GLM) is now Shyft Global Services

**Tech Data is now TD SYNNEX



Growing a Partnership Into a Sales Powerhouse

Adaptability is Essential in an Industry Defined by Change

Lenovo’s story has always been about shaping computing intelligence to create a better world. Today, its vision is to develop smarter technology for all by delivering a portfolio of products, solutions, software and services that people, communities and businesses need to fulfill their potential. To accelerate sales, Lenovo wanted to team up with a service provider who had technology and channel partner expertise as well as truly global capabilities to ensure scalability and multilingual support in over 180 markets.

“Initially, we needed telesales professionals to reach out to prospective partners, but we also wanted to engage with a company that could help us achieve much grander goals over time,” said Fabio Vieira, Sales Leader, NA Channel Sales at Lenovo.

Developing a Services Partnership for Longevity and Success

Building upon its existing global product distribution relationship with TD SYNNEX, Lenovo engaged the company to help them further expand their sales capabilities in 2010 via the services division of TD SYNNEX — Shyft Global Services. After a successful run with outsourced telesales services from Shyft, the partnership expanded even further to include additional customer management services, such as a fully dedicated inside sales organization and a channel partner concierge program, giving Lenovo a powerful marketing and acquisition engine to complement its own.

Customer Management Services for Evolving Go-to-Market Strategies

What initially started as a 12-person telesales unit transformed into “Lenovo Partner Sales (LPS),” a 190+ person powerhouse that is fully engaged in Lenovo’s success across its entire product portfolio and continually pilots new programs to accelerate Lenovo’s growth. With product distribution and global customer management services in good hands, Lenovo is empowered to make better-informed business decisions and more easily focus on strategy, core portfolio development and its aspiration to “deliver smarter technology for all.”

Learn More About the Lenovo–Shyft Partnership:

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Our customers’ needs are constantly evolving. Shyft helps us on our journey to ‘deliver smarter technology for all’ by providing us with the scale, agility and efficiency we need to do so.”

Fabio Vieira Sales Leader, NA Channel Sales at Lenovo
Customer management services focus on essential services outside of your core capabilities, enabling you to elevate relationships and capture opportunities you may otherwise not have had the bandwidth, resources or infrastructure to address.
Expand your pipeline, maximize your channel’s success and bring products and services to market globally with outsourced channel management services.
Customer success services such as concierge support can elevate relationships, improve the overall customer experience and generate lasting loyalty.
Increase revenue, capture valuable opportunities and keep your customers and partners engaged with your brand through revenue retention services.

Consider Your Company’s Destination on its Business Transformation Journey and How the Right Outsourcing Partnership Can Help Get You There — Faster.