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The 3-4-5 Guide to Digital Transformation

Do You Know Where You’re Headed Next on Your Transformation Journey?

Digital transformation requires you to rethink how your organization delivers value. It’s not just about how you can integrate technology into your existing processes, but rather, necessitates a radical rethinking of how to combine physical and digital processes seamlessly — with minimal disruption — to produce the best-possible customer experience and long-term business outcomes.

Knowing where to start (or how to regain traction) on your digital transformation journey can be daunting. What should we tackle first? What if there’s resistance to change? How do we roll out changes across the organization? What if we don’t have the infrastructure or resources to efficiently manage both legacy operations and new projects and initiatives simultaneously?

Start with our 3-4-5 Guide to Digital Transformation to gain a better understanding of:

The 3 Key Pillars of Digital Transformation

There are three key pillars to consider when strategizing for your digital transformation journey, and 89% of executives surveyed by Harvard Business Review say success comes from addressing all three components: culture, processes and technology.

The 4 Types of Digital Transformation

While it’s important to consider all three key pillars of digital transformation when building out your strategy, it’s equally important to realize that digital transformation doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing for every organization. Explore the four main types of digital transformation and consider taking advantage of one or many in your organization’s digital transformation strategy.

The 5 Steps to Creating a Digital Transformation Roadmap

Once you’ve considered how the three key pillars play into whichever type(s) of digital transformation your organization should pursue, following these five key steps will help you start your digital transformation journey on the right foot with a strategy designed to address the demands and challenges of a dynamic industry.

Download our infographic to learn more.