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Silk Case Study: Video

Outsourcing Hardware Support Helps Cloud Storage Company Stay Focused on Their Software Solution While Supporting Holistic Customer Needs

Leading cloud storage provider, Silk (formerly known as Kaminario), needed to transform to a software-centric business model that would drive innovation to meet evolving customer demands. While their main focus was software, they still wanted to provide a fully integrated solution, so they knew they’d need a strong partner to handle the hardware component of their business globally. 

Partnering with Shyft Global Services enabled Silk to free up resources to narrow their focus on software without disrupting the overall customer experience. In addition to supporting Silk’s hardware, Shyft also provides a full suite of services — including supply chain, integration, hardware installation and more — to deliver an integrated solution across Silk’s platforms, capacities and regions. 

Watch the video to see how working with Shyft helped Silk on their road to operating in a software-only model while still delivering complete solutions and services to customers around the world.