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Fujitsu Denmark Technical Maintenance Services

Fujitsu Denmark Has Entered into an Agreement to Expand Their Partnership Outsourcing Their Field Services Business to Shyft Global Services, a Division of TD SYNNEX.  

Fujitsu has expanded their partnership with Shyft Global Services, a division of TD SYNNEX company, as the sole outsource service provider of their field services operations. The global company is an ideal partner for Fujitsu who already has existing agreements with the Shyft services division in other countries, making them the obvious choice when looking to select a new outsourcing partner in Denmark.

Fujitsu has been working to streamline its operations and free up resources to focus on their core business and strategic growth areas and outsourcing their Technical Maintenance Services (TMS) business allows them to do just that. Learn why Søren Rinnov Østergaard, CEO of Fujitsu Denmark, believes this partnership will benefit not only Fujitsu’s customers but their company as well.