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Fujitsu America, Inc.

Transform Your Business by Outsourcing Field, Integration and Repair Services

When overseeing a business, it’s important to recognize blind spots that may be holding you back. In shifting to focus solely on its core digital offerings, Fujitsu America, Inc. was prepared to look at outside opportunities to help transform its organization.

If you’re not outsourcing the services that are using up your most vital resources, you’re missing out on potential revenue and aligned opportunities to accelerate your growth. In Fujitsu America, Inc.’s case, its leaders knew that by focusing more on core digital products, other areas of their business would be affected. They knew that collaborating with an integrative partner was paramount to their future success, which led them to partner with Shyft Global Services. And the success of this outsourcing partnership expanded to Europe.

Do you find your business in a similar situation? Discover how outsourcing to a single services provider empowered Fujitsu America, Inc. to hone its business focus while maintaining a consistent customer experience. In this case study, you’ll learn more about:

  • The benefits of partnering with a single services provider
  • Top-of-mind considerations for outsourcing services
  • Providing a consistent, seamless customer transition
  • Continuing success by choosing an expert services provider
GFS Outsourcing - Case Study