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Your Guide to Actionable Sustainability in IT

Practices You Can Put in Place Today for a Better Tomorrow

A healthy and sustainable environment is critical to our wellbeing on a personal, societal and economic level. And sustainability requirements from employees, customers, partners, government agencies and other stakeholders are influencing the way technology companies do business. While written commitments and implementation plans are a good place to start, technology companies need to take action and “walk the talk” when it comes to their environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. The need for sustainability isn’t going away — the choice is to get on board or get left behind.

There are many ways technology companies can take purposeful action toward prioritizing sustainability, including:

Pave the way for a more sustainable future with practices you can put in place today for a better tomorrow.

“Where we are today as an industry is just the beginning. Much like any other business initiative, sustainability is very much a journey that companies embark upon. There’s no finish line, but rather a series of continuous improvements that drive results and make us better tomorrow than we are today.”

—Adam Rutstein, Director of Global Responsibility, TD SYNNEX

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