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Global Facilities

Expand Your Geographic Footprint Across the Globe

As your business grows, you want to extend your global reach, too. New markets means new customers and the opportunity to nurture loyal customer bases worldwide. But expanding your impact and exploring new markets requires a thorough, thoughtful strategy so you can maintain productivity while keeping overhead costs low.

What’s the secret? Shyft Global Services’ state-of-the-art facilities around the world can handle the complete product lifecycle, wherever you or your customers are located. Shyft is here to deliver all of the services your customers need — all through a single global service partner.

We give you the flexibility you need to release more capital from your business and grow resources or dial them back, based on your needs. It’s about keeping your funds flexible so you can stay agile.

Meanwhile, we stay diligent about maintaining each of our purpose-driven facilities with relevant industry certifications, robust systems and tools, highly trained experts and end-to-end program management capabilities, including supply chain management, integration, configuration, repair and technical support services.

Global Logistics and Repair Solution

Implement comprehensive repair solutions, supply chain models and secure IT asset management through one single partner. In doing so, you can ensure that customers are satisfied and operations flow smoothly. When you outsource global logistics and repair operations to the service experts at Shyft, you’ll enhance your customer experience, boost brand reputation and bolster your sustainability strategy.

As part of our global logistics and repair solution, we provide the following services:

  • Supply chain management services
  • Depot repair services
  • IT asset disposition services

Global Multi-Vendor Solution

Deploy, maintain and support your technology on a global scale to keep your customers connected. Through a white-labeled approach, we help you exceed expectations and deliver comprehensive multi-vendor solutions your customers can continue to leverage as they grow.

Our global multi-vendor solution includes the following services to help you scale your business with ease:

  • Maintenance and support services
  • Deployment services
  • Revenue retention services

Bring your customers everything they expect and more from end-to-end product lifecycle services — thanks to a greater geographic footprint.