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The Key Spokes of a Full-Circle Repair Strategy

How Well-Rounded Is Your Repair Strategy?

Depot repair services extend your products’ value and useful life by keeping them in your customers’ hands, working as intended for as long as possible. While the repair services themselves are at the center of an effective repair strategy, they are only part of the equation for long-term success.

A full-circle repair strategy considers every aspect of the operations required to keep your customers functioning at optimal levels.

Spoke 1: Your Customers

The better you are at repair and maintenance, the more likely you are to build positive, long-term relationships with customers who stick with you and become brand advocates that attract new prospects. Although straightforward, achieving this balance is often far from simple. What do your customers want from repair services?

Spoke 2: Your Business

Without a significant investment in skilled technicians, specialized equipment and certified facilities, as well as integration with an efficient supply chain equipped for parts procurement and customer delivery, it can be tough to address the myriad challenges of repair service management, such as:

  • Limited visibility
  • Rapid change
  • Unreliable logistics
  • Reduced retention

 Spoke 3: Your Carbon Footprint

A full-circle approach to repair services through a single partner that supports the entire product lifecycle makes it easier for OEMs to adopt sustainability initiatives aimed at keeping raw materials, parts and finished goods out of landfills. These efforts may be executed through:

All of these efforts play a part in the circular economy and help to enhance your reputation and open new avenues for profitable growth.

How Do You Keep the Circle in Motion?

Go beyond depot repair services to consider the full lifecycle of your product with a single partner that can cover your technology from beginning to end.

Learn more about the key spokes of a full-circle repair strategy and how an outsourcing partner can help keep you moving forward.