Presented by Brian Gladysz, Director of Business Management

Legacy operations were holding Fujitsu America, Inc. back from focusing on its core digital transformation. Partnering with Shyft Global Services to outsource its Technical Maintenance Services (TMS) business empowered Fujitsu to make the transition it needed to focus on transformation.

The first episode of Shyft's first-ever live webinar series, "Outsourcing Services for Business Transformation," takes a deeper look into the agreement between Fujitsu America, Inc. and Shyft discover how your business can be next. 

In this webinar, you can expect to learn: 

    • What criteria Fujitsu America, Inc. utilized to choose an outsourced services provider
    • How Fujitsu America, Inc. customers experienced a smooth and seamless transition
    • Why Fujitsu America, Inc. chose Shyft as its sole outsource partner
    • How to empower your own business to transform by outsourcing legacy operations

About Shyft's Live Webinar Series

The need for transformation is now — if your business can't keep up, it may get left behind. As customers expect more and more, your company must innovate and adapt while also maintaining an excellent customer experience. But legacy or non-core operations may be slowing you down and tying up capital that you could be dedicating to your key digital transformation initiatives. Leveraging a trusted services partner can help you free up that capital and accelerate your transformation.

Presented by Shyft Global Services, this live webinar series offers an in-depth look into how the Shyft business was built to support yours.

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