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Outsourcing Deployment Services to Scale Globally and Enhance Partner Opportunities

By | February 24, 2022 | 5 minute read

Your company focuses on developing outstanding products that deliver immediate value to customers. You’ve dedicated your resources to business growth and the success of your channel partners, and your efforts have paid off with skyrocketing sales. But how are you handling the deployment services of your solutions after the sale?

Essentially, you have two options. You could deliver deployment services such as installation yourself, but that requires investing in and maintaining a durable services infrastructure. You would have to hire technicians and buy or lease a fleet of service vehicles while facing the challenge of scaling your services up or down to meet fluctuating demands. Delivering deployment services yourself also requires geographic reach to service all your customers, wherever they are located.

As an alternative, you could outsource your deployment services to a trusted partner who has the necessary experience and expertise, allowing you to avoid the expense of building and maintaining your own services organization. The right partner will have resources with the right technical skills to install and troubleshoot your solution, the accountability to measure and ensure customer satisfaction and the global coverage to reach all your customers. To top it off, your channel partners will also be able to rely on your trusted deployment services partner to enhance their own service capabilities. But with so many providers in the market, how do you know where to start? Learn how one company found a partner to help augment its services portfolio and scale globally.


Choosing a Partner for Professional Services Delivery

Software developer Cohesity found success in partnering with Shyft Global Services for installation and implementation services. Cohesity delivers next-generation data management capabilities through a unique multi-cloud platform and partnering with Shyft enables them to offer their software as a complete solution that includes hardware and installation services worldwide.

“We are not looking to build a huge professional services organization,” said James Curtice, senior director of Advanced Services at Cohesity. “We can easily leverage Shyft to grow our Cohesity footprint and scale. I’ve worked with the team at TD SYNNEX for many years, so partnering with them was a natural fit.”

Reliable, Measurable Service Expertise

Customer satisfaction depends on high-quality, reliable services. To streamline solution delivery and augment Cohesity’s service capabilities, Shyft provides services that help customers install Cohesity software on both third-party and Cohesity appliances. Shyft also manages Cohesity’s advanced services and delivery capabilities to configure data protection services for customer workloads more quickly.

“We can trust that Shyft will take an installation from start to finish successfully,” Curtice said. “They’ll handle any customer issues or requirements, and they’ll conduct a customer satisfaction survey so we know customers can put their Cohesity purchase to work right away.”

Global Support and Navigating Unique Requirements

A services partner with the right combination of resourcefulness, experience, flexibility and reach makes it easier to navigate unique challenges on a global scale. Shyft also provides onsite hardware maintenance services, including next-business-day and four-hour support options. Case management and field resource deployment are handled on a global scale as a white-label service through Shyft’s 24x7x365 Global Technical Assistance Center.

“Shyft has helped us meet a number of unique challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Curtice said. “For example, we may need to have a technician go on site to complete service delivery while complying with local travel restrictions and unique facility protocols. Having a services partner that can meet these challenges head-on ensures that we’re delivering excellent customer experiences around the world.”

Expanding Channel Partner Opportunities

Success for your organization and customers also means success for your ecosystem. Cohesity’s partnership with Shyft brings scale to Cohesity’s channel partners. “We are 100% partner-focused,” said Mike Houghton, vice president, Global Partner Organization at Cohesity. “By partnering with Shyft, we can offer professional services to our partner ecosystem as well as our customers. As a result, our partners can offer additional value and drive increased adoption of our software.”

In addition to professional services delivery, Cohesity expanded its partnership with Shyft to offer a training and certification program to amplify the technology support offered throughout their ecosystem and enable the larger Cohesity partner community to provide installation services.

“When our partners have the ability to deliver professional installation services for our software, that’s a huge value add,” Curtice said. “We trust Shyft to help us develop both the content for the training and the testing for the certification.”


Focusing on Business Growth and Partner Success

By relying on GShyft to offer installation and implementation services at scale, Cohesity can stay focused on product development and business growth while ensuring its customers and channel partners can put Cohesity’s solutions to work right away. Furthermore, channel partners can expand their global services reach and deliver optimal business outcomes.

“When companies outsource services to Shyft, we’re committed to not only performing the services needed, but also delivering a seamless experience from start to finish. Our commitment to building a strong partnership with companies like Cohesity simplifies service delivery, creating a winning dynamic for partners and customers alike,” said Mariano Dy-Liacco X, vice president and general manager of Global Field Services at Shyft.

Learn more about the Shyft and Cohesity partnership and discover how your company can augment its service portfolio, scale globally and enhance partner opportunities by outsourcing deployment services such as installation and implementation to a trusted partner like Shyft.


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MarianoMariano Dy-Liacco X serves as vice president and general manager of Global Field Services for Shyft Global Services, a division of TD SYNNEX. He is responsible for the strategic direction for Shyft’s global field services business along with the development and execution of current and new offerings and solutions. Dy-Liacco X leads a team that provides OEMs and channel partners across the globe with world-class services. He brings 25+ years of services experience and leadership to Shyft, from the channel to Fortune 100 companies.