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Achieve next-level business results with an outsourcing partnership designed to optimize your customer experience, engagement and success

Streamline Your Operations With Tailored Solutions

Customer experience can make or break your brand.  Fortunately, no matter your starting point or destination, a services outsourcing partner can tailor the right mix of customer management services to help you reshape your business model and reinvest in growth, transformation and innovation. At Shyft Global Services, we know that managing your customer experience effectively is more critical than ever to retaining revenue, growing your business and keeping customers engaged — all at the same time. 

How could a trusted outsourcing partner help you support your existing customer operations and free your team up to focus on the innovation your solutions require? 

Achieve Your Desired Business Outcomes With Robust Customer Management Services

Customer management solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Rather, the most successful solutions are carefully and collaboratively developed based on your organization’s evolving business needs and goals — and adjusted along the way based on results and data. Keep your brand at the forefront and seize every opportunity for revenue and customer success with an outsourcing partner like Shyft who acts as an extension of your team. 

What could shifting to a specialized customer management outsourcing partner mean for your business? 

accelerate revenue growth-1

Accelerate your revenue growth through the development, expansion and growth of sales with dedicated channel management services   

expanded business

Expand and scale your business through partner acquisition, enablement and support services — all supported by Shyft’s global infrastructure  

business transformation

Increase focus on business and digital transformation with holistic services designed to support the entire customer lifecycle from onboarding to renewals — ensuring maximum predictability at every stage  

Personalized and Predictable Customer Management Outsourcing 

Shyft’s team of service experts complements your customer management strategy with custom-built, specialized outsourcing solutions that align to your business needs. By managing and positioning resources efficiently, our goal is to help you expand your pipeline and confidently bring your products to markets around the world, without added complexity. 

Sales and Operations

Grow your revenue and optimize back-office processes through Shyft’s seamless partner management, pipeline generation and sales support. Outsourcing to Shyft empowers your team to strengthen your brand, streamline operational processes and deliver an optimized customer experience. Sales and operations capabilities include: 

  • Partner acquisition
  • Partner activation and enablement
  • Pipeline generation
  • Account management
  • Renewal management
  • Up-sell and cross-sell activities
  • Sales call center
  • Customer service management  
  • Data and transaction management
  • Facilities and vendor management 
  • Reporting 
  • Back-office processes 
Customer Success

Outsourcing to Shyft means more consistent engagement across your ecosystem. You can more easily support and encourage product adoption, help customers meet their objectives, elevate your customer relationships, increase confidence in your brand and generate lasting customer loyalty. Customer success capabilities include: 

  • Post-sale engagement
  • Product and customer engagement
  • Product utilization
  • Satisfaction evaluation
  • Relationship management
  • Concierge support 
  • Upselling

Strengthen your financial services with Shyft’s expertise and support in collections processes, billing and invoicing, audits operations and more — all while balancing your workload, increasing customer trust and reducing risk. Financing capabilities include: 

  • Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Collections
  • Audits
  • Risk analysis
  • Product and license compliance
  • Service consumption tracking 

Elevate your engineering services and empower your teams, customers or resellers with next-level technical and professional support by leveraging Shyft’s expertise in technical support missions and sales engineering.  Engineering capabilities include: 

  • Systems engineering
  • Sales engineering
  • Bill of materials (BOMs)
  • Technical support for sales representatives, customers and resellers
Business Intelligence

Collect data, analyze results and obtain actionable insights valuable to your business — all of which enable your teams to make data-driven decisions and implement strategic and efficient solutions with clear visibility into key metrics and data. Business intelligence capabilities include: 

  • Essential business analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Market analysis
  • Regional behavior 
  • Automation and reporting
  • Dashboards implementation

Educate and empower your customers, employees and partners on your products to help them diversify their skill sets, increase product adoption, increase proficiency and ultimately get the most value and satisfaction out of your solution. Training capabilities include: 

  • Employee training and certification
  • Product training for resellers and customers
  • End-user product training
  • Sales trainings
  • Development programs
  • Campaign training 
Lead Generation

Every customer engagement counts when growing your product mission and expanding your business. With multi-segment capabilities and the ability to scale and expand globally to serve other regions, Shyft enables you to capture every opportunity through lead generation, new opportunity prospecting and business development research. Lead generation capabilities include: 

  • B2B lead generation (MQL, SQL, premium leads)
  • Appointment setting
  • Lead qualification
  • Data cleansing
  • Prospecting
  • Research 

Start Building Your Customer Management Solution Now

Whether your business taps into one, a few or all of our customer management services, it’s time to make a shift forward and see how outsourcing can advance your goals  — it all starts with a conversation.  

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Case Study: Improved Onboarding, Customer Experience and Subscription Renewals 

Connection just one key aspect of customer success. Diving into and following up on insights is just as important for maximizing customer lifetime value. Extreme Networks understood the impact of customer feedback for their onboarding process and cloud subscription renewal process. In order to design a feedback loop that would unlock these insights — while also continuing to balance ongoing business operations — they turned to a customer management outsourcing partner. Explore how working with Shyft’s customer management services team resulted in ROI growth, customer retention and success for both new and potential customers.


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