Turning demand for services into a strategic opportunity

Technology companies experience continuous challenges that are intensified by the need for digital transformation (DX). Not only are these challenges internal, but they also present externally while businesses support their customers’ DX journeys.

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services educates with data and industry knowledge on why technology companies remove legacy operations to advance in the “as-as-service” world.

Ready to leverage the power of purposeful partnerships? Our whitepaper covers:

  • How to streamline your business operations while expanding your reach
  • Why everything-as-a-service (XaaS) sales are accelerating at unparalleled rates
  • What primary actions technology companies are taking to support their customers
  • How to incorporate business best practices to enhance the success of XaaS
  • Why there’s immense value in third-party lifecycle management partners

Let’s put time back in your day-to-day so you can continue growing your business in line with ever-changing technology demands. Download the free whitepaper, “A Roadmap for Technology OEMs,” by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Shyft Global Services.


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