The most valuable input into a company’s strategy comes from its customers.

Shyft Global Services regularly conducts proprietary research to better understand what’s top of mind for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the technology space and how to best help them achieve their desired business outcomes during a time of monumental change.

In "OEMs on the Move Part 1," we explore:

  • The major market changes that are drastically modifying strategies for technology companies
  • The top OEM challenges and how they have shifted year over year
  • The impact customer experience has on the urgency for business transformation

About the Think Again Webinar Series

The game has changed — as customers expect faster and more flexible solutions, your company must adapt in step, achieving your own digital transformation goals while helping customers achieve theirs. Presented by Shyft, this webinar series offers a unique perspective on developing new business models that help accelerate transformation. Released monthly, this webinar series covers the following topics:

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