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Think Again Webinar Series: Reimagined Strategies for Tomorrow

In the History of Technology, the Most Significant Era for Bold Leadership is Now

From Y2K to the dot-com era, and virtualization to software-defined everything, nothing has been more profound than today’s technology shift of product sales giving way to computer consumption. Technology companies need to think again about their current business operations and methodologies to fund their reimagined strategies for tomorrow.

In the “Think Again Webinar Series,” we invite you to rethink the possibilities of your current business model and to challenge problem-solving paradigms so that you can stay focused on the road ahead in this ever-changing technology industry.

In this webinar, you will be asked to think again about:

  • The impact of the fourth industrial revolution on your business
  • Your current business strategy and its ability to adapt to customer demands
  • The pace of acceleration of your business’s transformation

The technology industry is changing at a rapid pace — don’t let your business get left behind.

About the Think Again Webinar Series

The game has changed — as customers expect faster and more flexible solutions, your company must adapt in step, achieving your own digital transformation goals while helping customers achieve theirs. Presented by Shyft Global Services, this webinar series covers the following topics to offer a unique perspective on developing new business models that help accelerate transformation:

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