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Think Again Webinar Series: OEMs on the Move Part 2

Exploring Two Critical Insights of Technology Companies' Top Challenges

Through propriety customer research, Shyft Global Services has uncovered what is top of mind for technology companies regarding their journey in accelerating their business transformation. As we learn what keeps our OEM partners up at night, we also learn how to adapt to help them achieve their desired business outcomes.

Watch the second installment of “OEMs on the Move” from our Think Again Webinar Series today and review critical insights into OEMs’ top challenges around optimizing resources and mitigating supply chain complexities.

In “OEMs on the Move Part 2,” you’ll learn about:

  • Why technology companies are taking a closer look at how to best optimize their resources
  • How OEMs are retooling their workforce to keep up with the pace of change
  • Why mitigating supply chain complexities is a must in order to accelerate business transformation

About the Think Again Webinar Series

The game has changed — as customers expect faster and more flexible solutions, your company must adapt in step, achieving your own digital transformation goals while helping customers achieve theirs. Presented by Shyft Global Services, this webinar series covers the following topics to offer a unique perspective on developing new business models that help accelerate transformation:

OEMs on the Move Part 2 Webinar - Tile

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