If you think you know today’s business environment, think again.

With everything-as-a-service delivery models growing, managing customer experience is more critical than ever to retaining revenue and building brand trust. Customer success begins even before initial customer engagement and creates better business outcomes, increased brand confidence and lasting customer loyalty. When end users are engaged, enabled and successfully using your products, your business accelerates even faster toward continued success.

Watch the sixth installment of our Think Again Webinar Series, “An Introduction to Customer Success — the Shyft Way,” to learn about customer challenges in today’s environment, Shyft's guiding principles, successful customer experience business models and more.

In “An Introduction to Customer Success — the Shyft Way,” you’ll learn about:

  • The way Shyft defines customer success
  • Proactive versus reactive strategies
  • The state of customer success in today’s market
  • Shyft’s unique approach to customer success
    • Guiding principles
    • Benefits and outcomes

About the Think Again Webinar Series

The game has changed — as customers expect faster and more flexible solutions, your company must adapt in step, achieving your own digital transformation goals while helping customers achieve theirs. Presented by Shyft Global Services, this webinar series offers a unique perspective on developing new business models that help accelerate transformation. Released monthly, this webinar series covers the following topics:

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