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Facilitating a Greener Future Through Outsourced Repair Services

With customer obsession and product innovation at the heart of its brand, Cohesity prides itself on well-designed, high-quality products manufactured to exacting standards. However, as with any product in any industry, there are instances in which repairs are necessary. Doing them right — and within tight timeframes — is essential to limiting downtime and keeping customers satisfied.

Instead of building an in-house repair infrastructure or sending broken products/parts to the landfill, Cohesity decided to outsource to a depot repair services expert, which meant finding a trusted service partner with the necessary technical prowess, inventory management expertise and service capabilities across the product lifecycle. Fortunately, the search didn’t take long. 

“Based on previous experiences, we knew we could trust Shyft’s capabilities, service standards and technical expertise. That’s why we chose them.”

—Rob Horne, Manager of Repair and Service Parts Planning, Cohesity

Turning to Shyft Global Services to deliver custom-tailored depot repair services at scale means Cohesity can better support its customers and boost sustainability — all while remaining focused on next-gen product development.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • What key elements make up a cohesive repair services partnership
  • The many ways Cohesity is reducing its impact on the planet and participating in the circular economy
  • How repeatable repair and testing processes, including component-level repair, support sustainability initiatives 
  • How Cohesity reduced service costs and scrap rates while extending the lifetime value and support of products